Wolford Intimates

95 items found on March 26, 2019

Naked 8 Pantyhose – $33
Incredibly lightweight and soft, these super-sheer nylons smooth out your natural skin tone with no added bulk to your legs. Style Name:Wolford Naked 8 Pantyhose. Style Number: 5047930. Available in stores.
Roller Net Socks – $33
Solid ribbed cuffs make it easy to roll on these fine net socks that bring statement style to any look. Style Name:Wolford Roller Net Socks. Style Number: 5732667. Available in stores.
Valentina Stay-Up Stockings – SALE $44.98
These smooth, soft stockings have a sophisticated sheer finish and stay put with grippy lace bands. Style Name:Wolford Valentina Stay-Up Stockings. Style Number: 5604163. Available in stores.
Boogie Stripe Crew Socks – $33
Playfully chic socks detailed with sheer and metallic stripes are enough to make you want to kick up your heels. Style Name:Wolford Boogie Stripe Crew Socks. Style Number: 5732665. Available in stores.
'Pure 50' Tights – $61
An essential wardrobe foundation, these matte black tights are specially made for a seamless finish under clingy or tight clothes and topped by a wide, extra-comfy waistband that won't slip. Style Name:Wolford 'Pure 50' Tights. Style Number: 880912. Available in stores.
Electric Affair Tights – $67
Dual patterns give textural depth to your look while flattering the shape of your legs in fashion tights topped by a innovative stretch waistband. Style Name:Wolford Electric Affair Tights. Style Number: 5732670. Available in stores.
Wildflower Net Tights – $67
Wild trails of blossoms bring out your free spirit in these open net tights with secure stretch waistband. Style Name:Wolford Wildflower Net Tights. Style Number: 5732678. Available in stores.
Matte Opaque Tights – $61
Velvety-soft opaque tights offer a flattering, matte look with a smooth finish. Style Name:Wolford Matte Opaque Tights. Style Number: 517221. Available in stores.
Night Sparkle Fishnet Tights – $67
Metallic threads add attention-catching sparkle to classically seductive fishnet tights. Style Name:Wolford Night Sparkle Fishnet Tights. Style Number: 5732677. Available in stores.
Intense Net Tights – $67
A superimposed net draws the eye before abruptly stopping at the ankle of these fashion-forward opaque tights. Style Name:Wolford Intense Net Tights. Style Number: 5732673. Available in stores.
Velvet De Luxe 50 Stay-Up Stockings – $61
Interior grippers ensure the no-slip fit of matte, velvety-soft stockings finished with textured shadow stripes around the tops. Style Name:Wolford Velvet De Luxe 50 Stay-Up Stockings. Style Number: 393053. Available in stores.
'Velvet de Luxe' Semi-Opaque Tights – $49
These soft, smooth tights will enhance your legs through a matte, semi-opaque filter that's always in style. Style Name:Wolford 'Velvet De Luxe' Semi-Opaque Tights. Style Number: 393042_3. Available in stores.
Wildflower Net Stirrup Tights – $67
Wild trails of blossoms bring out your free spirit in these open net stirrup tights with secure stretch waistband. Style Name:Wolford Wildflower Net Stirrup Tights. Style Number: 5732669. Available in stores.
Daphne Tights – $67
A scrolling leaf pattern adds pure elegance to sheer tights spun with a touch of stretch. Style Name:Wolford Daphne Tights. Style Number: 5604157. Available in stores.
'Neon 40' Pantyhose – $49
Ingeniously designed semi-opaque tights have a glossy finish that leaves legs looking smooth and flawless. Style Name:Wolford 'Neon 40' Pantyhose. Style Number: 393046. Available in stores.
Tulle Thong Bodysuit – $215
A scooped neck outlined in raw-edge tulle flatters in this shimmery bodysuit made with a thong bottom for smooth layering. Style Name:Wolford Tulle Thong Bodysuit. Style Number: 5732680. Available in stores.
Hula Hoop Crew Socks – $33
A bit of retro sweetness comes with these sheer crew socks patterned with playful stripes and dots. Style Name:Wolford Hula Hoop Crew Socks. Style Number: 5732663. Available in stores.
Twenties Fishnet Tights – $53
Fishnet tights inspired by the Roaring '20s get a modern update with a seamless finish that continues down to the toes for a perfect look with open-toe shoes. Style Name:Wolford Twenties Fishnet Tights. Style Number: 1095359. Available in stores.
Wildflower Net Socks – $33
Wild trails of blossoms bring out your free spirit in these open net socks that hit right at dainty ankles. Style Name:Wolford Wildflower Net Socks. Style Number: 5732674. Available in stores.
Back Seam Tights – $57
Back seams create a seductive line down the legs of sheer tights with vintage-inspired glamour. Style Name:Wolford Back Seam Tights. Style Number: 5747680. Available in stores.
Satin Touch 20 Stay-Up Stockings – $47
These smooth, soft stockings have a sophisticated matte finish and stay put with grippy lace bands. Style Name:Wolford Satin Touch 20 Stay-Up Stockings. Style Number: 5047929. Available in stores.
'Individual 10' Pantyhose – $49
Silky-smooth 10-denier pantyhose give legs a sheer, matte look with the comfort of a simple elastic waistband. Style Name:Wolford 'Individual 10' Pantyhose. Style Number: 543303. Available in stores.
'Satin de Luxe' Backseam Tights – $75
A satin sheen and chic backseam refine opaque tights that offer a bit of glamorous day-to-night luster. Style Name:Wolford 'Satin De Luxe' Backseam Tights. Style Number: 495055. Available in stores.
Individual 10 Control Top Pantyhose – $61
These smooth, matte pantyhose feature a comfortable control top that ensures a flawless foundation under clothes. Style Name:Wolford Individual 10 Control Top Pantyhose. Style Number: 393044. Available in stores.
Sparkle Stripe Tights – $75
Embellished stripes add night-sky twinkle to party-perfect tights. Style Name:Wolford Sparkle Stripe Tights. Style Number: 5732675. Available in stores.
Satin Touch 20 Sheer Tights – $35
Logo Socks – $33
Daphne Tights – SALE $50.25
Naked 8 Tights – $33
Colorado Stringbody Turtleneck Bodysuit – $250
Helena Floral Fishnet Tights – SALE $50.25
Velvet de Luxe 50 Tights – $49
Adeline Studded Mesh Knee-High Socks – SALE $63.75
True Blossom Thigh-High Stockings – $75
Tummy Control 20 Sheer Tights – $61
Individual 10 Knee Highs – $33
Superfine Rib Tights – $67
Luxe 9 Control Top Tights – $39
Individual 10 Control Top Tights – $61
Sheer Touch Control Shorts – $130