Wolford Hosiery

45 items found on January 19, 2019

Daphne Tights – $67
A scrolling leaf pattern adds pure elegance to sheer tights spun with a touch of stretch. Style Name:Wolford Daphne Tights. Style Number: 5604157. Available in stores.
'Pure 50' Tights – $61
An essential wardrobe foundation, these matte black tights are specially made for a seamless finish under clingy or tight clothes and topped by a wide, extra-comfy waistband that won't slip. Style Name:Wolford 'Pure 50' Tights. Style Number: 880912. Available in stores.
'Velvet de Luxe' Semi-Opaque Tights – $49
These soft, smooth tights will enhance your legs through a matte, semi-opaque filter that's always in style. Style Name:Wolford 'Velvet De Luxe' Semi-Opaque Tights. Style Number: 393042_3. Available in stores.
Tess Check Tights – $49
Rich patterns are back in season, and the small checks of these stretchy, semi-opaque tights make the perfect finish to your look. Style Name:Wolford Tess Check Tights. Style Number: 5604168. Available in stores.
Twenties Fishnet Tights – $53
Fishnet tights inspired by the Roaring '20s get a modern update with a seamless finish that continues down to the toes for a perfect look with open-toe shoes. Style Name:Wolford Twenties Fishnet Tights. Style Number: 1095359_1. Available in stores.
Valentina Stay-Up Stockings – $75
These smooth, soft stockings have a sophisticated sheer finish and stay put with grippy lace bands. Style Name:Wolford Valentina Stay-Up Stockings. Style Number: 5604163. Available in stores.
Naked 8 Pantyhose – $33
Incredibly lightweight and soft, these super-sheer nylons smooth out your natural skin tone with no added bulk to your legs. Style Name:Wolford Naked 8 Pantyhose. Style Number: 5047930. Available in stores.
Back Seam Tights – $57
Back seams create a seductive line down the legs of sheer tights with vintage-inspired glamour. Style Name:Wolford Back Seam Tights. Style Number: 5747680. Available in stores.
'Individual 10' Pantyhose – $49
Silky-smooth 10-denier pantyhose give legs a sheer, matte look with the comfort of a simple elastic waistband. Style Name:Wolford 'Individual 10' Pantyhose. Style Number: 543303. Available in stores.
Cassandra Tights – SALE $40.20
A dark scrolling motif creates romantic intrigue on these modern tights. Style Name:Wolford Cassandra Tights. Style Number: 5604172_1. Available in stores.
'Satin de Luxe' Backseam Tights – $75
A satin sheen and chic backseam refine opaque tights that offer a bit of glamorous day-to-night luster. Style Name:Wolford 'satin De Luxe' Backseam Tights. Style Number: 495055. Available in stores.
Velvet 66 Shaping Tights – $67
Sleek opaque tights are knit with light compression technology for a slimming, supportive fit that promotes circulation to reduce fatigue and swelling throughout the day. Style Name:Wolford Velvet 66 Shaping Tights. Style Number: 5148022. Available in stores.
Luna Tights – $75
Dazzling dots add night-sky twinkle to party-perfect tights. Style Name:Wolford Luna Tights. Style Number: 5597550. Available in stores.
Satin Touch 20 Stay-Up Stockings – $47
These smooth, soft stockings have a sophisticated matte finish and stay put with grippy lace bands. Style Name:Wolford Satin Touch 20 Stay-Up Stockings. Style Number: 5047929. Available in stores.
Matte Opaque Tights – $61
Caress the skin and warm the senses: these completely opaque tights with a matte look also give a hint of glamour on cooler days. Best worn with short skirts and dresses, they skillfully put legs center stage. Made in Austria. By Wolford.
Twenties Tights – $53
Flawless elegance. Wrap your legs in Wolford's ever popular micro-fishnet Twenties Tights for a look-at-me-now finish. Ideal with your highest heels.
Velvet De Luxe 50 Stay-Up Thigh-High Hosiery – $61
Wolford's opaque stay-ups feature extra-soft velvet that's wonderfully soft on the skin. The wide, opaque and translucent striped stay-up band ensures optimum grip.
Nude 8 Tights – $33
Wolford's sheer tights put legs in the perfect light. The matte, power effect is spread evenly over the skin, and the reinforced toe enables the tights to be worn with sandals.
Satin Touch 20 Tights – $35
A satin finish gives legs a luxe, sun-kissed glow that's suitable for the office or even better after-hours. The Satin Touch 20 Tights by Wolford.
Velvet De Luxe 66 Tights – $49
Wolford's opaque tights are impressive as a result of their soft material and matte look that helps make legs appear slimmer. The innovative plating technology makes them resistant and durable.
Daphne Tights – $67
Mira Polka Dot Tights – $49
Muriel Pinstripe Tights – $61
Beatrice Opaque Tights – $67
Individual 10 Thigh-High Tights – $43
Velvet 66 Support Tights – $67
Satin Touch 20 Sheer Tights – $35
Twenties Fishnet Tights – $53
Neon 40 Tights – $49
Nude 8 Tights – $33
Matte Opaque 80 Tights – $61
Velvet Stay-Up Light 40 Thigh-High Tights – $61
Luxe 9 Control Top Tights – $39
Naked 8 Tights – $33
Pure 30 Complete Support Tights – $85
Helena Floral Fishnet Tights – $67
Individual 10 Back Seam Tights – $57
Thigh Highs - Individual 10 Stay-Up #021663 – $53
Superfine Rib Tights – $67
Individual 10 Control Top Back-Seam Tights – $67