Tory Burch Scarves & Wraps

32 items found on December 18, 2017

Solid Cashmere Logo Scarf – $298
Medallion Oblong Scarf – $198
Logo Oversized Square Scarf – $178
Solid Logo Embossed Oblong Scarf – $258
Floral Logo Oversized Square Scarf – $198
Textured Jacquard Oblong Scarf – $198
Stallion Silk Square Scarf – $148
lettering neckerchief – $76
Multicoloured silk TB lettering neckerchief from Tory Burch.
Women's Floral Stamped Silk Scarf – $68
Artful blooms stamp a vivid square scarf spun from pure, lustrous silk. Style Name:Tory Burch Floral Stamped Silk Scarf. Style Number: 5492868. Available in stores.
Women's T Core Square Wool Scarf – $178
Signature logo medallions interlock at the center of a sophisticated wool scarf styled with a crisply striped border and edged in feathery fringe. Style Name:Tory Burch T Core Square Wool Scarf. Style Number: 5492860. Available in stores.
Batik Tassel Oblong Scarf – SALE $118.50
T Logo Oblong Scarf – $198
Crocodile Fringed Silk Square Scarf – $158
Stamped Floral Fringed Silk Scarf – $248
Windsurf Color-Block Logo Scarf – $198
Via Stripe Logo Oblong Scarf – $198
Milan Floral Oblong Scarf – $198
Princess Plaid Oblong Scarf – $198
Traveler Oblong Scarf – $198
Women's Fringe Merino Wool Scarf – $198
Rich texture, tassel-fringe trim and an embroidered logo take this merino-wool scarf from a cold-weather basic to an absolute essential. Style Name:Tory Burch Fringe Merino Wool Scarf. Style Number: 5387447. Available in stores.
Women's Dragonfly Silk Necktie – SALE $76.80
A slim silk tie scarf that looks equally pretty knotted at your neck or wrapped around the handle of your favorite carryall is printed with stylized dragonflies. Style Name:Tory Burch Dragonfly Silk Necktie. Style Number: 5388537. Available in stores.
Women's Martini Silk Neckerchief – SALE $40.80
Hit up happy hour in style: a dirty-martini print framed by a sawtooth color-pop border defines a square bandana scarf made of lustrous silk. Style Name:Tory Burch Martini Silk Neckerchief. Style Number: 5387448. Available in stores.
Women's Tassel Wool & Silk Scarf – $198
Swingy tassels lend dramatic flair to a boho-chic scarf spun from a rich blend of wool and silk and patterned in intricate blooms. Style Name:Tory Burch Tassel Wool & Silk Scarf. Style Number: 5492864. Available in stores.
Women's Traveler Jacquard Oblong Scarf – $198
A subtle, tonal-logo jacquard pattern brings signature sophistication to a luxe scarf crafted from a rich wool-and-silk blend. Style Name:Tory Burch Traveler Jacquard Oblong Scarf. Style Number: 5387439. Available in stores.
Women's Fringed Square Silk Scarf – $248
Lush fringe adds a swank, boho-chic finish to a lustrous silk scarf patterned in dainty blooms. Style Name:Tory Burch Fringed Square Silk Scarf. Style Number: 5492857. Available in stores.
Women's Stallion Silk Square Scarf With Tassels – SALE $88.80
Soft, lush tassels anchor the corners of a crisply bordered silk scarf covered in a stylized stallion print. Style Name:Tory Burch Stallion Silk Square Scarf With Tassels. Style Number: 5388539. Available in stores.
Women's Deco Dot Silk Necktie – SALE $58.80
Modern art-inspired dots pepper a striped silk scarf in an of-the-moment neckerchief silhouette. Style Name:Tory Burch Deco Dot Silk Necktie. Style Number: 5388534. Available in stores.
Women's Carnation Neckerchief Silk Scarf – $68
A bright, stylized flower print framed by a solid border defines a square neckerchief made of lustrous silk. Style Name:Tory Burch Carnation Neckerchief Silk Scarf. Style Number: 5492870. Available in stores.
Women's Embellished Floral Scarf – $78
Glimmering beads embellish a playfully luxe cotton scarf alight in a garden of bright printed blooms. Style Name:Tory Burch Embellished Floral Scarf. Style Number: 5492861. Available in stores.
Women's Carnation Silk Square Scarf – $128
A bright, stylized flower print framed by a solid border defines a square scarf made of lustrous silk. Style Name:Tory Burch Carnation Silk Square Scarf. Style Number: 5492862. Available in stores.
Women's Logo Wool Scarf – $198
Swingy tassels trim a lush, soft wool scarf styled in a signature logo design. Style Name:Tory Burch Logo Wool Scarf. Style Number: 5492859. Available in stores.
Women's Crocodile Silk Square Scarf – $158
A paisley-crocodile motif and sawtooth color-pop fringe border define a square bandana scarf made of fine silk. Style Name:Tory Burch Crocodile Silk Square Scarf. Style Number: 5492867. Available in stores.