Topshop Tops

164 items found on April 24, 2017

Women's Ella Off The Shoulder Top – SALE $38.98
Pretty, lightweight crepe adds to the romance of a slightly cropped top with fluted sleeves and bare-shoulder neckline with stay-put elastic at the sides. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Ella Off The Shoulder Top. Style Number: 5322274. Available in stores.
Women's Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top – $68
Because it's the shoulders' turn to draw welcome glances, this light and ruffled blouse is made with a sophisticated high collar and just enough refinement to last into the evening. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top. Style Number: 5345791. Available in stores.
Women's One-Shoulder Jersey Top – $48
Three tailored pleats create a puffed effect down the solo sleeve of a one-shoulder top in comfy cotton jersey. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop One-Shoulder Jersey Top. Style Number: 5390375. Available in stores.
Women's Crop Slouch Pocket Blouse – $60
A work-to-weekend essential is styled with a deep V-neckline, a clean hidden placket and a wrapped split back for fluttery movement. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Crop Slouch Pocket Blouse. Style Number: 5325967. Available in stores.
Women's Cherry Blossom Shirt – $60
Aww, spring...the cool breeze, tree boughs heavy with blossoms and you in this light and romantic top. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Cherry Blossom Shirt. Style Number: 5339989. Available in stores.
Women's Distressed Edge Tee – $20
A classic white tee is distressed along the edges for a worn-in look that elevates your casual style with carefree vintage character. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Distressed Edge Tee. Style Number: 5238552. Available in stores.
Women's Rouleau Swing Camisole – $30
Enticing thin straps sway from behind of the drapey, swinging shape of a versatile woven cami. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Rouleau Swing Camisole (Regular & Petite). Style Number: 5299419. Available in stores.
Women's Floral Trumpet Sleeve Blouse – $60
You'll be as enticing to others as every blossom is to the sparrows and butterflies fluttering about the crinkly crepe surface of this dreamy top with a ruffled hem and tulip-style cuffs. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Floral Trumpet Sleeve Blouse. Style Number: 5350825. Available in stores.
Petite Women's Panda Shirt – $60
What's black, white and adorably chic-you in this panda-print button-up. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Panda Shirt (Regular & Petite). Style Number: 5339957. Available in stores.
Women's Gingham Mutton Sleeve Top – $55
Low-key mutton sleeves are topped with ruffles on a gingham blouse that brings Victorian charm to your spring closet. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Gingham Mutton Sleeve Top (Regular & Petite). Style Number: 5364524. Available in stores.
Women's Origami Top – $68
Bring the air of a hip modern art gallery to happy hour in this contemporary wrap-style top with a high structured neckline that ripples to the hem. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Origami Top. Style Number: 5340580. Available in stores.
Women's Ruffle Neck Floral Top – $40
Fluttery sleeves and a ruffled neckline join a captivating and energetic floral print, infusing this light jersey top with all the charm of the '70s without the crazy side effects. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Ruffle Neck Floral Top. Style Number: 5351959. Available in stores.
Women's Floral Embroidered Top – $125
Vibrant floral embroidery underscores the romance of a sheer top with a velvet-tipped collar and button cuffs. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Floral Embroidered Top. Style Number: 5316150. Available in stores.
Women's Ruffle Neck Trumpet Top – $32
Short pie-crust ruffles trace the neck while flared cuffs make every motion more dramatic in this light and stretchy jersey top that gives a Victorian spin to your casual look. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Ruffle Neck Trumpet Top. Style Number: 5350190. Available in stores.
Women's Puff Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top – $55
An open-shoulder neckline and billowed sleeves turn a crisp cotton-poplin top into a warm invitation for an early spring. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Puff Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top. Style Number: 5340003. Available in stores.
Women's Floral Tie Flute Sleeve Top – $45
With spring showers come romantic blossoms and light and carefree style, like this soft jersey blouse made with fluttery, ruffle-trimmed sleeves reigned in gently by grosgrain ribbon ties. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Floral Tie Flute Sleeve Top. Style Number: 5340016. Available in stores.
Women's Print Ruffle Plisse Top – $52
Have a spring fling with this crinkly pleated top made with pretty ruffles, bell cuffs and a whimsical floral print. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Print Ruffle Plisse Top. Style Number: 5340491. Available in stores.
Women's Scallop Hem Tee – $28
A short-sleeve tee in a boxy, slightly cropped silhouette is scalloped at the cuffs and hemline for a fresh, playful touch. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Scallop Hem Tee. Style Number: 5187504_1. Available in stores.
Women's Lace Trumpet Top – $95
Dance away, you modern, mystical bohemian, in a geometric openwork crochet top ending in two dramatic flared cuffs. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Lace Trumpet Top. Style Number: 5350148. Available in stores.
Women's Stripe Boxy Tee – $28
Always-in Breton stripes run around a soft, lightweight tee finished with tattered edges for a cool touch. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Stripe Boxy Tee. Style Number: 5278528. Available in stores.
Women's Layered Sleeve Gingham Top – $55
Tiered, voluminous sleeves and gingham cotton-blend seersucker are the perfect accompaniment to a sunny afternoon with the girls. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Layered Sleeve Gingham Top. Style Number: 5378696. Available in stores.
Women's Knot Gingham Top – $55
Wide, extremely dropped sleeves and a billowy shape with tie hem capture the carefree summer attitude that complements this top's classic gingham pattern. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Knot Gingham Top. Style Number: 5378653. Available in stores.
Women's Lace Trim Tee – $40
Even a denim-and-tee kind of gal can get a little girly from time to time. That's where this top comes in handy, made of soft cotton-blend jersey and romantic eyelash lace. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Lace Trim Tee. Style Number: 5309493. Available in stores.
Women's Floral Pleat Neck Top – $58
Swaying stalks of watercolor blossoms enhance a flowy, feminine top with an inverted front pleat and billowed, pleated cuffs. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Floral Pleat Neck Top. Style Number: 5344074. Available in stores.
Women's Izzy Cold Shoulder Top – SALE $29.99
Oval shoulder cutouts juxtapose the long-sleeve design of a stretch-crepe top made feminine by a chic asymmetrical ruffle down the front. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Izzy Cold Shoulder Top. Style Number: 5317849_1. Available in stores.
Women's Mutton Sleeve Top – $55
Your welcome party for spring: crisp-white cotton, ruffles and puffy sleeves. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Mutton Sleeve Top. Style Number: 5364525. Available in stores.
Women's Femme Forever Tee – $28
Feminine is not just ruffles and bows-it's also low-key, comfy and never afraid to make a statement. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Femme Forever Tee. Style Number: 5365448. Available in stores.
Women's Ruffle Hem Tunic – $50
Tomboy on top and princess on the bottom, a slouchy cotton-jersey tunic with a ruffled hem speaks to every side you have. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Ruffle Hem Tunic. Style Number: 5353641. Available in stores.
Women's T-Shirt Bodysuit – $35
A closet-essential slouchy tee of ultrasoft stretch jersey comes with a sleek bodysuit bottom for clean, always-tucked style. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop T-Shirt Bodysuit. Style Number: 5320024. Available in stores.
Women's Split Side Tee – $32
Two side splits enhance the drapey, breezy cut of this oversized basic V-neck tee made from tissue-weight, supersoft stretch jersey. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Split Side Tee. Style Number: 5277694. Available in stores.
Women's Moto Ruffle Gingham Shirt – $68
Our favorite Kansas gal in pigtails might turn green with envy over this ruffled gingham cotton top made with a high neck, breezy cut and casual-cool versatility. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Moto Ruffle Gingham Shirt. Style Number: 5346616. Available in stores.
Women's Cold Shoulder Top – $55
If your flirty move is to glance shyly over your shoulder, than this understated, billowy top with darling ruffled cuffs is just for you. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Cold Shoulder Top. Style Number: 5327888. Available in stores.
Women's Balloon Sleeve Top – $45
Rock statement style even on your laid-back days in an incredibly soft, breathable and lightweight cotton-blend top with voluminous sleeves. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Balloon Sleeve Top. Style Number: 5374711. Available in stores.
Women's Tie Sleeve Longline Tee – $50
Slit and tied sleeves give girly charm to a minimalist jersey tunic tee. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Tie Sleeve Longline Tee. Style Number: 5379840. Available in stores.
Women's Raise Hell Choker Tee – $40
Next on your agenda after you throw on this distressed and reconstructed tee: raise some hell whereever you go. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Raise Hell Choker Tee. Style Number: 5376104. Available in stores.
Women's Metallica Choker Tee – $52
Get into position, metalhead, with hair down, head ready for banging and pointer and pinky fingers raised up to the rock gods in this cutout vintage-style tee. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Metallica Choker Tee. Style Number: 5365690. Available in stores.
Women's Embroidered Gingham Top – $55
A colorful garden grows across the front of a darling seersucker gingham top with flared sleeves like open spring blossoms. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Embroidered Gingham Top. Style Number: 5385565. Available in stores.
Women's Cross Neck Tee – $28
Crisscrossed straps highlight the V-neck of this soft jersey tee cut in a swingy silhouette. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Cross Neck Tee. Style Number: 5275480. Available in stores.
Women's Star Print Shirt – $60
Reach for the stars in this classic and versatile button-down shirt. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Star Print Shirt. Style Number: 5326731. Available in stores.
Women's Slash Choker Boxy Tee – $20
A slice at the neckline turns a simple boxy-fit cotton tee into an edgy statement. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Slash Choker Boxy Tee. Style Number: 5339238. Available in stores.