Topshop Tops

305 items found on July 24, 2017

Women's Rouleau Swing Camisole – $25
Enticing thin straps sway from behind of the drapey, swinging shape of a versatile woven cami. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Rouleau Swing Camisole (Regular & Petite). Style Number: 5299419. Available in stores.
Women's Ripped Cotton Tee – $26
Since every day is ripe for adventure, be prepared for anything in this lightweight cotton tee that's toughened up with rips at the neckline and tatters at the sleeves. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Ripped Cotton Tee. Style Number: 5354760. Available in stores.
Women's Stripe Swing Camisole – SALE $15
Dainty rouleau straps sway alongside the swinging silhouette of a light and carefree cami in preppy, low-key stripes. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Stripe Swing Camisole. Style Number: 5418918. Available in stores.
Women's Slash Choker Boxy Tee – SALE $9.99
A slice at the neckline turns a simple boxy-fit cotton tee into an edgy statement. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Slash Choker Boxy Tee. Style Number: 5339238. Available in stores.
Women's Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top – $68
Because it's the shoulders' turn to draw welcome glances, this light and ruffled blouse is made with a sophisticated high collar and just enough refinement to last into the evening. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top. Style Number: 5345791. Available in stores.
Women's Metallic Tie Knit Camisole – $68
Shine like the star you are, day or night, in a '90s-style knit cami with dainty tie straps and allover metallic sheen. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Metallic Tie Knit Camisole. Style Number: 5436150. Available in stores.
Women's Deconstructed Choker Top – $60
Smart meets deconstructed-chic on this puff-sleeve top with a disconnected band collar. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Deconstructed Choker Top. Style Number: 5435304. Available in stores.
Women's Tie Back Ruffle Sleeve Top – $55
Layered ruffled cuffs and a grosgrain ribbon are the delicate touches your girly wardrobe needs this season. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Tie Back Ruffle Sleeve Top. Style Number: 5385711. Available in stores.
Women's Distressed Edge Tee – $20
A classic tee is distressed along the edges for a worn-in look that elevates your casual style with carefree vintage character. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Distressed Edge Tee. Style Number: 5238552. Available in stores.
Women's U-Neck Tank – $18
A featherweight fabric blend shapes a scoop-neck tank perfect for layering or standalone wear. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop U-Neck Tank. Style Number: 831398. Available in stores.
Women's Roll Crop Tee – $16
A weekend essential shows off your midriff and your casual-cool style with its rolled-edge sleeves. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Roll Crop Tee. Style Number: 5407435. Available in stores.
Women's Eyelet Layer Sleeve Tee T-Shirt – $45
An essential crewneck tee becomes a darling summery treat with layers of eyelet-scalloped ruffles for sleeves. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Eyelet Layer Sleeve Tee T-Shirt (Regular & Petite). Style Number: 5392842. Available in stores.
Women's Gingham Off-The-Shoulder Top – $50
This sun-loving cotton-blend gingham top with playful tie sleeves is the perfect excuse to try out that new picnic basket. Make sure to pack extra shoes for the night out. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Gingham Off-The-Shoulder Top. Style Number: 5399988. Available in stores.
Women's It's Not Me Slash Tee – $22
Let them down easy in this relaxed tee made with a neckline that's slashed on one side and quickly ends the conversation on the other. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop It's Not Me Slash Tee. Style Number: 5374712. Available in stores.
Women's High Neck Tie Sleeve Blouse – SALE $35.90
Minimalism for the poetic at heart, this smooth, breezy poplin blouse has a high neck and puffed sleeves, all finished with ties for a whimsical touch. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop High Neck Tie Sleeve Blouse. Style Number: 5380865. Available in stores.
Women's Applique Lace-Up Bodysuit – $50
Romance is always in the air when you step out in this stretchy jersey bodysuit with laces and crochet flowers spreading up the saucy plunge neckline. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Applique Lace-Up Bodysuit. Style Number: 5407431. Available in stores.
Women's Bubble Off The Shoulder Crop Top – SALE $14.99
A spunky stretch-cotton top cheerfully welcomes warmer weather with its bare-shoulder neckline, cropped hem and short sleeves as voluminous as the spring clouds. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Bubble Off The Shoulder Crop Top. Style Number: 5385708. Available in stores.
Women's Puff Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top – SALE $29.99
An open-shoulder neckline and billowed sleeves turn a crisp cotton-poplin top into a warm invitation for an early spring. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Puff Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top. Style Number: 5340003. Available in stores.
Women's Females Of The Future Tee – $28
Show them the future is tough, outspoken and totally female in a comfy cotton-jersey statement tee. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Females Of The Future Tee. Style Number: 5378530. Available in stores.
Women's Metallica Choker Tee – SALE $31.99
Get into position, metalhead, with hair down, head ready for banging and pointer and pinky fingers raised up to the rock gods in this cutout vintage-style tee. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Metallica Choker Tee. Style Number: 5365690. Available in stores.
Women's Embroidered Bird Shirt – $55
Playful free spirits can polish up their look with a whimsical cotton-poplin shirt covered in colorful embroidered sparrows. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Embroidered Bird Shirt. Style Number: 5407452. Available in stores.
Women's Embroidered Poplin Shirt – $55
Lush, vibrant flora on crisp cotton poplin creates a dramatic carefree spring look that's effortlessly polished with vintage flair. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Embroidered Poplin Shirt. Style Number: 5395304. Available in stores.
Women's Puff Sleeve Silk Blouse – $125
Wide cuffs are cut at an angle, setting forth with rippling puffed sleeves for jaw-dropping beauty on this fluttery blouse cut from bare-it-all sheer silk. Brand: TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE. Style Name:Topshop Boutique Puff Sleeve Silk Blouse. Style Number: 5424340. Available in stores.
Women's Peplum Camisole – $30
A ruffled hem and drapey fit go great with impromptu drives to the coast when the sun is shining, windows down and not a care in the world. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Peplum Camisole (Regular & Petite). Style Number: 5388492. Available in stores.
Women's Tie Wrap Shirt – $45
Classic becomes a statement on this crisp cotton poplin shirt in a flattering wrap design that ends in a dramatic tied bow. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Tie Wrap Shirt. Style Number: 5424194. Available in stores.
Women's Crop Wrap Top – SALE $17.99
Soft ribbed knit comfortably hugs your figure in a flirtatious wrap top that flawlessly shifts from casual-cool afternoons to all night with the girls. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Crop Wrap Top. Style Number: 5386070_1. Available in stores.
Women's Tie Side Lace Plunge Bodysuit – $50
Sweet, feminine and totally provocative, this plunging lace bodysuit has sides barely held together by dainty grosgrain ribbon, ensuring an exciting night out. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Tie Side Lace Plunge Bodysuit. Style Number: 5386069. Available in stores.
Women's Embroidered Crop Tee – $28
A boxy, gently cropped cotton tee adds an elegant touch to your casual-cool look with its subtle, lustrous embroidered roses. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Embroidered Crop Tee. Style Number: 5412238. Available in stores.
Women's Corset Tee Tunic – $68
Embrace the corset and give it some spunk in this longline cotton jersey tee made with a bustier-style corset overlay. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Corset Tee Tunic. Style Number: 5390370. Available in stores.
Women's Roll Cuff Stripe Tee – $22
Rolled and tacked cuffs commit your look to always laid-back in this boxy, slightly cropped striped tee. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Roll Cuff Stripe Tee. Style Number: 5426050. Available in stores.
Women's Satin Cold Shoulder Camisole – SALE $29.99
The draping gathered sleeves on this satin swingy camisole can be worn up, so you can reserve those open shoulders for the true object of your affection. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Satin Cold Shoulder Camisole. Style Number: 5397611. Available in stores.
Women's 1990 Tee – $28
Whether you're a true '90s kid or just one at heart, rep the decade proudly in this faded graphic cotton tee. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop 1990 Tee. Style Number: 5436161. Available in stores.
Women's One-Shoulder Jersey Shirt – SALE $31.90
Add a little business to the party (or vice-versa) in this comfy cotton jersey one-shoulder top that keeps it classy with a tailored cuffed sleeve. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop One-Shoulder Jersey Shirt. Style Number: 5380900. Available in stores.
Women's Smocked Panel Tee – SALE $20.99
Make a statement about censorship and femininity in this relaxed cotton tee featuring smocked and ruffled tulle across the chest. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Smocked Panel Tee. Style Number: 5431495. Available in stores.
Women's Nibbled Scoop Neck Tee – SALE $12
Relaxed, casual-cool style just got even cooler on this lightweight cotton-jersey tee with a baggy fit, tattered edges and a raw-edge hem. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Nibbled Scoop Neck Tee. Style Number: 5412489. Available in stores.
Women's By And Finally Nibbled Metallic Tee – SALE $23.99
Show your metalhead style isn't just a passing trend in this Metallica "European Summer Vacation" tee that's been washed and heavily distressed for an authentic vintage vibe. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop By And Finally Nibbled Metallic Tee. Style Number: 5388443. Available in stores.
Women's Bardot Tie Sleeve Top – SALE $35.99
Draping ties swing at the elbows as you inspire a new spring romance in this elegant yet carefree boxy top with a structured off-the-shoulder neckline. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Bardot Tie Sleeve Top. Style Number: 5393345. Available in stores.
Women's By And Finally Guns & Roses Slash Tank – SALE $26.99
A neck slash and an acid wash give jungle-survivor attitude to a relaxed G'N'R graphic tee with sliced-off sleeves. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop By And Finally Guns & Roses Slash Tank. Style Number: 5402321. Available in stores.
Women's Polka Dot Sun Top – $45
A sun-loving wrap-front top in a peppy polka dot print features pretty ruffles along the sides and a breezy open back secured with slim ties. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Polka Dot Sun Top. Style Number: 5431503. Available in stores.
Women's Maggie Hawaiian Print Off The Shoulder Top – $45
Pack your bag and set off to calm tropical beaches in this shoulder-baring, back-cutout cotton top with a lush floral print. Brand: TOPSHOP. Style Name:Topshop Maggie Hawaiian Print Off The Shoulder Top (Regular & Petite). Style Number: 5418912. Available in stores.