Topshop Skirts

36 items found on December 12, 2017

Women's Denim Miniskirt – $55
This high-rise denim A-line skirt has edge thanks to heavy fading and a threadbare hemline. Style Name:Topshop Denim Miniskirt. Style Number: 5350196. Available in stores.
Women's Button Denim Miniskirt – $58
Button-front styling and a raw-cut hem make this cute blue mini a fresh fall choice. Style Name:Topshop Button Denim Miniskirt. Style Number: 5497359. Available in stores.
Women's Frill Edge Heritage Check Skirt – $45
A heritage-check pattern gives this ruffle-waist miniskirt a classic, preppy look. Style Name:Topshop Frill Edge Heritage Check Skirt. Style Number: 5524476. Available in stores.
Women's Floral Stud Denim Miniskirt – SALE $44.99
Pinpoint studs trace clusters of bright embroidered blossoms on a faded denim miniskirt ideal for showcasing your girly side with an edge. Style Name:Topshop Floral Stud Denim Miniskirt. Style Number: 5471741. Available in stores.
Women's Premium Rainbow Sequin Midi Skirt – $240
Steal the show at your next fete in this sleek, slim-fitting midi drenched in a brilliant spectrum of sequins. Style Name:Topshop Premium Rainbow Sequin Midi Skirt. Style Number: 5532200. Available in stores.
Women's Zip Through Cracked Vinyl Miniskirt – $75
Shiny and slick, a high-waisted vinyl skirt with a crackled finish commands attention with a zip-through front and leg-maximizing hem. Style Name:Topshop Zip Through Cracked Vinyl Miniskirt. Style Number: 5505876. Available in stores.
Women's Beetle Sequin Denim Miniskirt – $68
Iridescent sequins and punky-black denim create an A-line miniskirt that truly lets your edgy glamour shine. Style Name:Topshop Beetle Sequin Denim Miniskirt. Style Number: 5511327. Available in stores.
Women's Lace-Up Denim Miniskirt – $65
Lace-up sides clinch the trend-right edge of a faded black denim mini with a frayed, cutoff hem. Style Name:Topshop Lace-Up Denim Miniskirt (Regular & Petite). Style Number: 5449811. Available in stores.
Women's Lace-Up Side Faux Leather Skirt – $75
Shimmery silver color and lace-up sides make this leg-flaunting miniskirt a stunner. Style Name:Topshop Lace-Up Side Faux Leather Skirt. Style Number: 5527001. Available in stores.
Women's Frayed Hem Denim Miniskirt – $55
Let your style come undone in this A-line denim miniskirt with subtle distressed detail and a raw, unraveling hem. Style Name:Topshop Frayed Hem Denim Miniskirt. Style Number: 5509709. Available in stores.
Women's Zip Through Vinyl Miniskirt – $65
Shiny and slick, a high-waisted vinyl skirt commands attention with a zip-through front and leg-maximizing hem. Style Name:Topshop Zip Through Vinyl Miniskirt. Style Number: 5469998. Available in stores.
Women's Faux Leather Pencil Skirt – $45
Polished with a tailored fit, yet edgy in smooth faux leather and a mini length. Style Name:Topshop Faux Leather Pencil Skirt (Regular & Petite). Style Number: 5304782. Available in stores.
Women's Velvet Miniskirt – SALE $42.99
Be everybody's Valentine with a spunky cutoff velvet miniskirt in cotton-candy pink. Style Name:Topshop Velvet Miniskirt. Style Number: 5343423_1. Available in stores.
Women's Button Denim Miniskirt – $58
Washed faded denim, a line of buttons and a high-waisted A-line cut combine for true carefree vintage vibes. Style Name:Topshop Button Denim Miniskirt. Style Number: 5492580. Available in stores.
Women's Corduroy Miniskirt – $60
Rich cotton corduroy adds cozy texture to a flirty, thigh-grazing miniskirt. Style Name:Topshop Corduroy Miniskirt. Style Number: 5488839. Available in stores.
Women's Piercing Denim Miniskirt – $75
Pretend every ring piercing on this washed denim miniskirt was earned from your rebellious acts (i.e. ditching first period, cutting off mattress tags, etc.) Style Name:Topshop Piercing Denim Miniskirt. Style Number: 5500305. Available in stores.
Women's Zip Denim Skirt – SALE $44.99
A totally '80s denim skirt cut to the knee peps up your throwback look with its retro zipper, edgy raw hem and thigh-flashing slit. Style Name:Topshop Zip Denim Skirt. Style Number: 5455929. Available in stores.
Women's Plisse Pleated Midi Skirt – SALE $42.99
A lightweight, crinkle-pleated midi skirt brings sleek lines, lustrous shine and entrancing texture to complement your adventurous day-to-night looks. Style Name:Topshop Plisse Pleated Midi Skirt. Style Number: 5480759. Available in stores.
Women's Bonded Velvet Miniskirt – $80
Rich crushed velvet in a sweet berry hue infuses this straight-cut mini with '90s throwback vibes. Style Name:Topshop Bonded Velvet Miniskirt. Style Number: 5510902. Available in stores.
Women's Lace Applique Denim Skirt – $75
Pretty lace appliques soften the look of a classic denim mini in an inky black wash. Style Name:Topshop Lace Applique Denim Skirt. Style Number: 5526459. Available in stores.
Women's Split Asymmetric Jersey Midi Skirt – $55
Angled seaming reinforces the off-kilter style of a stretch-jersey skirt that flows to a drapey, asymmetrical hem. A front split enhances the breezy movement. Style Name:Topshop Split Asymmetric Jersey Midi Skirt. Style Number: 5470001. Available in stores.
Women's Ruched Skirt – $95
Lush ruching ruffles the faux wrap front and a side drawstring lifts the off-kilter hem of a fresh and flirty skirt with tonal patterning. Style Name:Topshop Ruched Skirt. Style Number: 5525625. Available in stores.
Women's Embroidered Button Front Denim Skirt – $68
Gleaming buttons add retro appeal as they trail up the front of this inky denim skirt that's sweetened with trend-right floral embroidery. Style Name:Topshop Embroidered Button Front Denim Skirt. Style Number: 5507757. Available in stores.
Women's High Waist Tapestry Miniskirt – $75
Looking like you pulled it off the castle wall, lush floral tapestry makes an elegant update to a slim, high-waisted mini. Style Name:Topshop High Waist Tapestry Miniskirt. Style Number: 5487218. Available in stores.
Women's Star Studded Denim Skirt – $68
Stars and studs are strewn across the front of this denim miniskirt for a look that deftly mixes out-of-this-world glam with workwear ruggedness. Style Name:Topshop Star Studded Denim Skirt. Style Number: 5532171. Available in stores.
Women's Feather Trim Faux Wrap Miniskirt – $75
A fringe of fluffy feathers adds extra-flirty appeal to a trim little mini with faux wrap design. Style Name:Topshop Feather Trim Faux Wrap Miniskirt. Style Number: 5532201. Available in stores.
Women's Bonded Velvet Denim Skirt – $80
A classic five-pocket denim skirt takes on the luxe-texture trend with bonded blue velvet. Style Name:Topshop Bonded Velvet Denim Skirt. Style Number: 5532172. Available in stores.
Women's Bonded Raw Edge Skirt – SALE $45
A shorn, asymmetrical hem gives this preppy mini a rebellious edge. Style Name:Topshop Bonded Raw Edge Skirt. Style Number: 5538538. Available in stores.
Women's Stripe Knot Midi Skirt – $140
The candy-striper uniform gets a high-fashion update as a silky, high-waist midi skirt with an extreme-angled hem that ties at the knee. Style Name:Topshop Boutique Stripe Knot Midi Skirt. Style Number: 5497491. Available in stores.
Women's Double Buckle Faux Leather Miniskirt – $75
Polished hardware and faux leather construction put a punk spin on a sleek and sophisticated mini. Style Name:Topshop Double Buckle Faux Leather Miniskirt. Style Number: 5531337. Available in stores.
Women's Asymmetrical Pleat Midi Skirt – $60
An asymmetrical hem adds to the swingy fun of a midi-length skirt with all-around pleating. Style Name:Topshop Asymmetrical Pleat Midi Skirt. Style Number: 5490477. Available in stores.
Women's Check Frill Waist Miniskirt – $65
Tricolor checks add classic flair to a slim miniskirt crowned with a dainty ruffle at the waist. Style Name:Topshop Check Frill Waist Miniskirt. Style Number: 5525125. Available in stores.
Women's Eyelet Detail Wrap Jersey Skirt – $55
An oversized eyelet and leg-flashing hem embolden a slim black skirt in supple stretch jersey. Style Name:Topshop Eyelet Detail Wrap Jersey Skirt. Style Number: 5466452. Available in stores.
Women's Silk Knot Side Skirt – SALE $61.99
A side knot detail adds fresh edge to an asymmetrical A-line skirt fashioned from soft, breezy silk. Style Name:Topshop Boutique Silk Knot Side Skirt. Style Number: 5524464. Available in stores.
Women's Snap Midi Skirt – $95
Kind of like all your friends' trendy midi skirts but made modern and dramatic with raw edges and an angled snap closure that reveals the bold contrast interior with every strut. Style Name:Topshop Snap Midi Skirt. Style Number: 5351922. Available in stores.
Women's Floral Embroidered Denim Skirt – SALE $40
Blooming baby blue florals surrounded by a halo of dainty studs soften the tough, grungy vibes of this raw-hem denim mini. Style Name:Topshop Floral Embroidered Denim Skirt. Style Number: 5510904. Available in stores.