Topshop Sandals

54 items found on August 15, 2018

Hooray Ring Slide Sandal – SALE $9.90
A gleaming metallic ring crowns the strap of a slide sandal traced with tiny studs around the sole. Style Name:Topshop Hooray Ring Slide Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5575345. Available in stores.
Fiesta Rope Flat Sandal – $85
Chunky twisted rope weaves across the top and lines the footbed of a standout sandal styled with a leather-wrapped slingback strap and a low platform. Style Name:Topshop Fiesta Rope Flat Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5601770. Available in stores.
Nashville Tubular Sandal – $90
Rolled laces lend a subtle, chic update to a trend-right lace-up sandal lofted by a covered setback heel. Style Name:Topshop Nashville Tubular Sandal (Womens). Style Number: 5643051. Available in stores.
Williams Wraparound Espadrille Wedge – $68
An open-sided espadrille ramps up on a curvy, jute-wrapped wedge with soft grosgrain ribbons wrapping high above the ankle and finishing in a bow. Style Name:Topshop Williams Wraparound Espadrille Wedge (Women). Style Number: 5635319. Available in stores.
Leah Cross Strap Platform Sandal – $85
Lightly contoured cross straps bridge the toe of a disco-floor sandal lofted to the mirror ball on a rocker platform and a towering demi-block heel. Style Name:Topshop Leah Cross Strap Platform Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5627528. Available in stores.
Ramona Ankle Wrap Sandal – $80
Gleaming metallic construction embellishes a striking sandal with wide wraparound laces at the ankle and a slim, tapered heel. Style Name:Topshop Ramona Ankle Wrap Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5429757. Available in stores.
Hey Espadrille Square Slider Sandals – $40
Espadrille roping forms the footbed of a sunny square-toe flat embellished with bright, blazing crystals, mixing rustic charm with contemporary detailing. Style Name:Topshop Hey Espadrille Square Slider Sandals (Women). Style Number: 5659989. Available in stores.
Eid Night Caged Slide Sandal – $100
Perpendicular straps bring bold geometric shape to a caged slide sandal lofted on a blocky, flared heel. Style Name:Topshop Eid Night Caged Slide Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5660002. Available in stores.
Wild Rope Platform Wedge Sandal – $85
Braided roping neatly wraps the platform wedge of a beautifully breezy sandal styled for impact with bold monochromatic coloring. Style Name:Topshop Wild Rope Platform Wedge Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5660001. Available in stores.
Super Trooper Embellished Strappy Sandal – $60
A string of pewter-hued beads brings a lustrous finish to the front of a barely there strappy sandal styled for stature with a towering penthouse stiletto. Style Name:Topshop Super Trooper Embellished Strappy Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5599237. Available in stores.
Harper Sandal – $35
Crisscrossed straps secure the fit of a lightweight, flexible thong-strap sandal. Style Name:Topshop Harper Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5651919. Available in stores.
Fume Strappy Sandal – $80
A versatile strap-centric sandal revels in contemporary touches like a square toe and flat silhouette. Style Name:Topshop Fume Strappy Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5660005. Available in stores.
Sinitta Crossover Lace-Up Sandal – $60
A covered half-moon heel lifts a chic sandal finished with long laces that wrap up and around your ankle. Style Name:Topshop Sinitta Crossover Lace-Up Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5643049. Available in stores.
Raphie Ankle Strap Sandal – $75
Svelte straps bridge the toes and wrap elegantly around the ankle of a leg-lengthening evening sandal lifted by a sky-high stiletto. Style Name:Topshop Raphie Ankle Strap Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5492643. Available in stores.
Roar Feather Sandal – $75
A perfectly poufy band of feathers angles across the toe of a playful sandal lifted by a penthouse-view stiletto and cinched above the ankle with a slender buckle strap. Style Name:Topshop Roar Feather Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5545485. Available in stores.
Nashville Tubular Wraparound Sandal – $100
Plump tubular straps cross asymmetrically up the front and wrap above the ankle of a sandal styled with a smartly squared toe and a geometrically flared heel. Style Name:Topshop Nashville Tubular Wraparound Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5653686. Available in stores.
Laura Woven Block Heel Sandal – $85
Geometric weaving patterns the towering block heel and low platform of a sandal styled with a squared toe. Style Name:Topshop Laura Woven Block Heel Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5635317. Available in stores.
Hun Fringe Slide Sandal – $40
Stacked tiers of soft, touchable fringe cover the strap of a contoured-footbed slide sandal. Style Name:Topshop Hun Fringe Slide Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5635374. Available in stores.
Rascal Studded Slide Sandal – $40
Smooth gleaming studs edge the comfortable padded straps of a flexible slide with equal poolside and dinner party promise. Style Name:Topshop Rascal Studded Slide Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5663629. Available in stores.
Fresh Woven Slide Sandal – $65
Color-blocked styling and whipstitched trim add modern charm to a laid-back slide perfect for showcasing a fresh pedi. Style Name:Topshop Fresh Woven Slide Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5663616. Available in stores.
Fable Strappy Sandal – $80
Slender straps loop around the toe and wrap above the ankle of a breezy sandal lifted by a modest demi-block heel. Style Name:Topshop Fable Strappy Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5660006. Available in stores.
Buckle Platform Sandal – $48
A woodgrain block heel and platform enhance the retro styling of a versatile sandal finished with gleaming buckle hardware. Style Name:Topshop Buckle Platform Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5659991. Available in stores.
Village Woven Slide Sandal – $80
A woven upper brings beautiful depth and texture to a casual slide sandal lifted by a woodgrained heel and a low rocker platform. Style Name:Topshop Village Woven Slide Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5635316. Available in stores.
Sassy Faux Fur Sandal – $65
Bands of fluffy, breezy faux fur cross indulgently at the toe of a flirty sandal styled with a towering demi-block heel and a curvy web of straps at the ankle. Style Name:Topshop Sassy Faux Fur Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5591714. Available in stores.
Rapture Tall Sandal – $80
A minimalist strap and a low platform detail the toe of a penthouse-view sandal that cages the heel and buckles demurely above the ankle. Style Name:Topshop Rapture Tall Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5616770. Available in stores.
Sloane Woven Platform Sandal – $68
An intermittent weave brings trend-savvy pattern and texture to a smartly styled sandal lofted on a tall demi-block heel and a low rocker platform. Style Name:Topshop Sloane Woven Platform Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5591706. Available in stores.
Neptune Toe Loop Sandal – $80
A flared bridge strap and a simple toe loop bring curvy appeal to an open-front sandal lifted on a lightly flared demi-block heel. Style Name:Topshop Neptune Toe Loop Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5616760. Available in stores.
Ringed Sandal – $65
A polished metal ring adorns the ankle strap of a barely there evening sandal styled with a perfectly vertical stiletto. Style Name:Topshop Ringed Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5627539. Available in stores.
Nova Sandal – $85
Laddered buckle straps add just the right amount of edge to a standby block-heel sandal. Style Name:Topshop Nova Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5470790. Available in stores.
Noa Slingback Sandal – $90
A surplice vamp tapers into a stretchy slingback strap atop a daytime-to-dinner sandal lifted by a lightly flared block heel. Style Name:Topshop Noa Slingback Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5404026. Available in stores.
Rhea Fan Sandal – $80
A sculpted toe-strap embellishment adds on-trend dimension to this party-ready sandal secured by a svelte ankle strap. Style Name:Topshop Rhea Fan Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5601768. Available in stores.
Hermione Peacock Embellished Slide Sandal – $24
A peacock design resplendent in crystals and polished beading perches atop an anything-but-ordinary sport slide trimmed in ruffled satin. Style Name:Topshop Hermione Peacock Embellished Slide Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5601847. Available in stores.
Bea Halo Strap Sandal – $140
A crystal-embellished buckle brings distinctive sparkle to the halo strap of a gorgeously profiled evening sandal set on a tapered stiletto. Style Name:Topshop Bea Halo Strap Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5627540. Available in stores.
Homie Refined Slide Sandal – $32
Clean lines and minimalist styling amplify the pair-with-anything versatility of a sporty slide sandal fitted with a contoured footbed. Style Name:Topshop Homie Refined Slide Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5627757. Available in stores.
Firework Feathered Sandal – $85
Striated coloring enlivens the long, fluffy feathers that climb the front of a flat sandal detailed with bugle beads at the toe and a halo strap at the ankle. Style Name:Topshop Firework Feathered Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5653685. Available in stores.
Hackney Rope Footbed Sandals – $35
Lustrous, densely woven rope forms the straps of a lightweight and flexible sandal popping with color and texture. Style Name:Topshop Hackney Rope Footbed Sandals (Women). Style Number: 5659987. Available in stores.
Dallas Sandal – $48
A block heel maximizes the modern attitude of this streamlined sandal. Style Name:Topshop Dallas Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5688959. Available in stores.
Riley Fringe Sandal – SALE $35
Soft fringe trims the slim straps of a playful sandal grounded by a sky-high tapered heel. Style Name:Topshop Riley Fringe Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5448008. Available in stores.
Sinitta Crossover Sandal – $60
Tapered cross straps wrap beautifully up the ankle of a striking sandal styled with a softly squared toe and a tall, curvy heel. Style Name:Topshop Sinitta Crossover Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5591710. Available in stores.
Nifty Woven Flared Heel Sandal – $100
A woven upper brings soft, curvy shape to an elastic-slingback sandal styled for geometric contrast with a squared toe and angular flared heel. Style Name:Topshop Nifty Woven Flared Heel Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5591709. Available in stores.