Topshop Jewelry

92 items found on March 21, 2018

Crystal Fan Collar Necklace – SALE $21.99
Trapezoidal crystals put an Art-Deco spin on holiday glitz. Style Name:Topshop Crystal Fan Collar Necklace. Style Number: 5301478_1. Available in stores.
Coin & Horn Pendant Layered Necklace – $22
Delicately layered chains dangle from your neckline while dainty pendants provide eye-catching shine. Style Name:Topshop Coin & Horn Pendant Layered Necklace. Style Number: 5573459. Available in stores.
Charm Hoop Earrings – SALE $6.99
Sparkly charms dangle from delicate hoops, adding just the right touch of dazzle to your day-to-night look. Style Name:Topshop Charm Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5559177. Available in stores.
Glitter Shake Heart Earrings – SALE $6.99
Love your lobes in these playful heart earrings, filled with glittery sparkles for eye-catching dimension. Style Name:Topshop Glitter Shake Heart Earrings. Style Number: 5573418. Available in stores.
Tassel Multi-Row Necklace – SALE $10.99
Flirty tassels dangle from the end of this multistrand necklace styled with charming trinkets for sparkle and shine. Style Name:Topshop Tassel Multi-Row Necklace. Style Number: 5559184. Available in stores.
Tie Cuff Wrap Minidress – SALE $29.99
Billowy ovoid sleeves with puffed shoulders and tie cuffs turn an otherwise simple wrap dress into an understated romantic statement piece. Style Name:Topshop Tie Cuff Wrap Minidress. Style Number: 5548684_1. Available in stores.
Ball Edge Hoops – $12
Exotically decorated edges add unexpected charm to your everyday hoops. Style Name:Topshop Ball Edge Hoops. Style Number: 5583338. Available in stores.
Layered Row Bracelet – $28
Lovely, layered rows of fine chains add chic dimension to this goldtone bracelet. Style Name:Topshop Layered Row Bracelet. Style Number: 5583328. Available in stores.
3-Tassel Drop Earrings – SALE $11.99
Fringey threads dangle from shiny, clustered stones for a dramatic, on-trend vibe. Style Name:Topshop 3-Tassel Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5559198. Available in stores.
Turquiose Horn Tassel Necklace – SALE $10.99
Chain-link tassels swing from a turquoise-studded pendant, adding statement-making appeal to a delicate, silvery necklace. Style Name:Topshop Turquiose Horn Tassel Necklace. Style Number: 5573447. Available in stores.
Layered Disk Sparkle Necklace – $36
Exotic baubles dangle, twinkle and shine on this layered chain-link necklace. Style Name:Topshop Layered Disk Sparkle Necklace. Style Number: 5571270. Available in stores.
Double Coin Ditsy Necklace – $12
Charming chiseled coins stylishly intersect on this shiny goldtone necklace. Style Name:Topshop Double Coin Ditsy Necklace. Style Number: 5586473. Available in stores.
Chain Mail Bib Necklace – $30
Layered chain links embolden this statement necklace styled with an opalescent teardrop stone, sparkly crystals and diamond-shaped trinkets dangling beneath the pendant. Style Name:Topshop Chain Mail Bib Necklace. Style Number: 5571284. Available in stores.
Fine Wrap Wire Hoop Earrings – $15
Delicately wrapped wires enliven these face-framing hoops, perfect for updating your everyday look. Style Name:Topshop Fine Wrap Wire Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5573430. Available in stores.
Drape Choker – SALE $17.99
A sleek band wraps the neck and dangles a V-shaped bib with plenty of texture and movement. Style Name:Topshop Drape Choker. Style Number: 5496832. Available in stores.
Mix Bead Choker – $28
Layers of twinkling crystals and lustrous beads shine on this delicate choker finished with a drapey chain. Style Name:Topshop Mix Bead Choker. Style Number: 5559186. Available in stores.
Set of 6 Stud & Hoop Earrings – $18
Delight your lobes with an exotic array of sparkly studs, or a shiny pair of sunburst hoops (just take your pick). Style Name:Topshop Set Of 6 Stud & Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5573419. Available in stores.
Tie Cuff Wrap Minidress – SALE $36.99
Billowy ovoid sleeves with puffed shoulders and tie cuffs bring romance to a simple wrap dress patterned in classic glen plaid. Style Name:Topshop Tie Cuff Wrap Minidress. Style Number: 5571211. Available in stores.
Disc Tassel Earrings – $28
Add statement-making appeal to your lobes in these chic drop earrings styled with textured, eye-popping dimension. Style Name:Topshop Disc Tassel Earrings. Style Number: 5573423. Available in stores.
Swirl Tassel Earrings – $22
These vacation-ready earrings boast a quartet of fringey tassels swinging below swirly discs. Style Name:Topshop Swirl Tassel Earrings. Style Number: 5586480. Available in stores.
Coin Choker Necklace – $30
Exotic etching enlivens this statement choker styled with dangling coins suspended from delicate, crystal-embellished chains. Style Name:Topshop Coin Choker Necklace. Style Number: 5573444. Available in stores.
Disc Tassel Drop Earrings – $15
A lush tassel gathered from vividly dyed threads swings from a high-shine disc on these statement-making earrings. Style Name:Topshop Disc Tassel Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5571279. Available in stores.
Cheeseplant Ditsy Necklace – $12
Enliven your ensemble with this charming necklace styled with a leafy tropical pendant hanging from a delicate goldtone chain. Style Name:Topshop Cheeseplant Ditsy Necklace. Style Number: 5586479. Available in stores.
Luck Cluster Charm Necklace – $18
A trio of dainty charms anchor a slender silvery chain necklace dotted with teensy beads. Style Name:Topshop Luck Cluster Charm Necklace. Style Number: 5539166. Available in stores.
Cross Hoop Earrings – $14
A sparkly cross dangles from these thin, eye-catching hoops, adding perfectly delicate charm. Style Name:Topshop Cross Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5571234. Available in stores.
Horn Stone Necklace – $12
A milky stone shines in the center of a lovely crescent moon on this delicate, drapey chain. Style Name:Topshop Horn Stone Necklace. Style Number: 5571280. Available in stores.
Beaten Disc and Circle Layered Necklace – $22
This simple, two-tiered necklace features goldtone chains anchoring eye-catching hammered disc and open-circle pendants. Style Name:Topshop Beaten Disc And Circle Layered Necklace. Style Number: 5586477. Available in stores.
Pendant Ring Choker – $28
A vibrant bauble dangles in the center of layered hoops on this statement choker styled with an openwork of dazzling crystals. Style Name:Topshop Pendant Ring Choker. Style Number: 5573451. Available in stores.
3-Pack Drop Earrings – $18
Etched in shiny goldtone plate, this trio of dangly earrings is a must-have in your accessories lineup. Style Name:Topshop 3-Pack Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5583330. Available in stores.
Glitzy Lariat Necklace – $28
Glam up your look in this dazzling necklace punctuated with dangling strands of sparkling crystals. Style Name:Topshop Glitzy Lariat Necklace. Style Number: 5559178. Available in stores.
Stud Tassel Drop Earrings – $15
Draw attention in these flirty drop earrings styled with fringey tassels that swing with every step. Style Name:Topshop Stud Tassel Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5559203. Available in stores.
Engraved Wrap Choker – SALE $13.99
Soft faux suede cords join intricate links and a couple of chain tassels to create a truly boho-chic statement choker. Style Name:Topshop Engraved Wrap Choker. Style Number: 5496743. Available in stores.
Imitation Pearl Drop Earrings – $15
Pearly orbs dangle from a slender golden chain, adding refined charm to these drop earrings. Style Name:Topshop Imitation Pearl Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5559175. Available in stores.
Statement Stone Teardrop Ring – $12
Earn some double takes with this statement-making ring featuring an opalescent teardrop as the center of attention. Style Name:Topshop Statement Stone Teardrop Ring. Style Number: 5571286. Available in stores.
Circle 3 Disc Bracelet – $28
A silvery chain anchors glossy circular baubles that perfectly decorate your wrist. Style Name:Topshop Circle 3 Disc Bracelet. Style Number: 5586461. Available in stores.
Amour Ditsy Necklace – $14
Speak the language of love in this dainty necklace, styled with a sweet sentiment dangling from a delicate goldtone chain. Style Name:Topshop Amour Ditsy Necklace. Style Number: 5586482. Available in stores.
Merci Ditsy Necklace – $14
Speak the language of gratitude with this delicate necklace featuring a sweet sentiment in French. Style Name:Topshop Merci Ditsy Necklace. Style Number: 5586490. Available in stores.
Lily Stone Drop Head Chain – SALE $14.99
A fashion-forward head piece festooned with beaded chains is centered by a striking, sparkling stone surrounded by darkly glittering crystals. Bobby pins make it easy to position the chain perfectly. Style Name:Topshop Lily Stone Drop Head Chain. Style Number: 5496744. Available in stores.
Heart Cluster Charm Necklace – $18
A trio of dainty charms anchor a slender golden chain necklace dotted with teensy beads. Style Name:Topshop Heart Cluster Charm Necklace. Style Number: 5539170. Available in stores.
Embellished Hoops – $12
Exotically decorated edges add eye-catching dimension to these shiny hoops. Style Name:Topshop Embellished Hoops. Style Number: 5583331. Available in stores.