Topshop Jewelry

53 items found on January 18, 2018

Abalone & Tassel Bib Necklace – $35
Iridescent abalone lights up a crescent-shaped bib necklace that finishes with four swingy tassels for a fresh mix of texture and shine. Style Name:Topshop Abalone & Tassel Bib Necklace. Style Number: 5503610. Available in stores.
Crystal Tassel Drop Earrings – $28
A trio of opulent crystal charms provide these tassel-tipped earrings with plenty of sparkle and shine. Style Name:Topshop Crystal Tassel Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5521836. Available in stores.
Circle Chain Lariat Necklace – $22
A string of polished discs gather the ends of this delicate silvertone necklace that's tipped with a lush tassel for an elegant finish. Style Name:Topshop Circle Chain Lariat Necklace. Style Number: 5508547. Available in stores.
Geo Front Choker – $18
A trio of slim chains at the neck suspend dual navel-grazing pendants. Style Name:Topshop Geo Front Choker. Style Number: 5508545. Available in stores.
Marble Dial Watch – $45
Three slim hands mark time on the marble-printed dial of a minimalist wristwatch set on a glossy white silicone strap. Style Name:Topshop Marble Dial Watch. Style Number: 5496766. Available in stores.
Best Babes Broken Heart Pendant Necklace Set – SALE $8.99
You've been through every crush and every break-up together, your streak is unbreakable and neverending-celebrate your friendship with a split-heart pendant necklace. Put together, they spell out 'Best Babes'. Style Name:Topshop Best Babes Broken Heart Pendant Necklace Set. Style Number: 5503604. Available in stores.
Chain Bib Cord Choker – SALE $16.99
Spangly and jangly, this shining golden cord choker dangles a kinetic bib rich in texture and geometry. Style Name:Topshop Chain Bib Cord Choker. Style Number: 5496827. Available in stores.
Mystical Stone Hand Chain – SALE $13.99
Darkly sparkling crystals spread out in a shimmering web on this hand chain for an edgy yet glam way to accentuate your every gesture. Style Name:Topshop Mystical Stone Hand Chain. Style Number: 5503602. Available in stores.
Set of 6 Imitation Pearl Swirl Rings – $12
Add luster to your locks with this set of swirling hair ornaments adorned with large, luminous imitation pearls. Style Name:Topshop Set Of 6 Imitation Pearl Swirl Rings. Style Number: 5496834. Available in stores.
Geometric Drop Earrings – $22
A chain of turquoise-colored shapes supplies any look with sophisticated, statement-making geometry. Style Name:Topshop Geometric Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5521860. Available in stores.
Flower Cluster Collar Choker – SALE $13.99
A floral-and-feather motif adds retro boho charm to a very contemporary choker necklace. Style Name:Topshop Flower Cluster Collar Choker. Style Number: 5496730. Available in stores.
Cocktail Ring – $12
A glossy black stone surrounded by sparkling crystals adds soiree-worthy bling to a slender golden ring. Style Name:Topshop Cocktail Ring. Style Number: 5518533. Available in stores.
Tie Cuff Wrap Minidress – $60
Billowy ovoid sleeves with puffed shoulders and tie cuffs turn an otherwise simple wrap dress into an understated romantic statement piece. Style Name:Topshop Tie Cuff Wrap Minidress. Style Number: 5548684. Available in stores.
Lily Stone Drop Head Chain – $30
A fashion-forward head piece festooned with beaded chains is centered by a striking, sparkling stone surrounded by darkly glittering crystals. Bobby pins make it easy to position the chain perfectly. Style Name:Topshop Lily Stone Drop Head Chain. Style Number: 5496744. Available in stores.
Circular Earrings – SALE $6.99
Tubular circles make a fresh update to traditional hoops. Style Name:Topshop Circular Earrings. Style Number: 5511241. Available in stores.
Tassel Torq Choker Necklace – SALE $10.99
A slender tube suspends a tapering curtain of glittering beads for a fresh take on a classic choker necklace. Style Name:Topshop Tassel Torq Choker Necklace. Style Number: 5496739. Available in stores.
Velvet Tassel Choker – $30
A decolletage-sweeping tassel capped with glinting pave crystals adds striking allure to a corded velvet choker. Style Name:Topshop Velvet Tassel Choker. Style Number: 5521870. Available in stores.
Mismatch Semiprecious Stone Drop Earrings – $28
A mix of semiprecious stones and geometric shapes defines a fresh pair of mismatched drop earrings dangling from gleaming chains. Style Name:Topshop Mismatch Semiprecious Stone Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5496828. Available in stores.
Circle Link Tie Up Choker – $22
A string of glistening rings and a ring-tipped cord make it easy to achieve that effortless, layered look with just one piece. Style Name:Topshop Circle Link Tie Up Choker. Style Number: 5508542. Available in stores.
Charm Wrap Choker – SALE $10.99
Shimmering charms catch the eye on this wrapped faux suede choker that dangles to a decolletage-tickling finish. Style Name:Topshop Charm Wrap Choker. Style Number: 5496833. Available in stores.
Fringe and Hoop Earrings – $22
A sleek hoop amps up the statement-making style of these opulent fringed studs. Style Name:Topshop Fringe And Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5521851. Available in stores.
Drape Choker – $36
A sleek band wraps the neck and dangles a V-shaped bib with plenty of texture and movement. Style Name:Topshop Drape Choker. Style Number: 5496832. Available in stores.
Bird Cage Drop Earrings – $30
Inspired by gilded bird cages, these shining drop earrings feature faceted and pearly beads and swingy chain tassels. Style Name:Topshop Bird Cage Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5496778. Available in stores.
Pave Cutout Ring – $14
A slender median inset with glittering crystals centers the delicately shaped cutout design of a gleaming statement ring. Style Name:Topshop Pave Cutout Ring. Style Number: 5496835. Available in stores.
Engraved Charm Layered Necklace – $30
Glittering crystals and swishy tassels adorn a layered necklace that has both a vintage look and a fresh, contemporary feel. Style Name:Topshop Engraved Charm Layered Necklace. Style Number: 5521866. Available in stores.
Stone Fabric Choker – $45
Bring on the bling in a striking choker fronted with a bib of faceted sparklers and secured with soft ties at the back. Style Name:Topshop Stone Fabric Choker. Style Number: 5521861. Available in stores.
Engraved Wrap Choker – $28
Soft faux suede cords join intricate links and a couple of chain tassels to create a truly boho-chic statement choker. Style Name:Topshop Engraved Wrap Choker. Style Number: 5496743. Available in stores.
Layered Chain Necklace – $18
Delicate polished chains are gently layered over one another for a striking netted look. Style Name:Topshop Layered Chain Necklace. Style Number: 5521864. Available in stores.
Layered Lariat Necklace – $22
A delicate lariat necklace intersects a pair of slim goldtone chains for a striking look. Style Name:Topshop Layered Lariat Necklace. Style Number: 5521854. Available in stores.
Circle Mobile Earrings – $22
Two chains of gleaming discs swing from a slender bar on these playful statement earrings. Style Name:Topshop Circle Mobile Earrings. Style Number: 5521848. Available in stores.
Torq & Tassel Pendant Choker – SALE $13.99
Etched with linear geometry, this striking choker dangles a long, double-strand tassel anchored by a sparkling jewel. Style Name:Topshop Torq & Tassel Pendant Choker. Style Number: 5496729. Available in stores.
Multistrand Pendant Necklace – $28
A trio of delicate chains anchored by various charms completes an eclectic multistrand necklace that makes it easy to rock the layering trend. Style Name:Topshop Multistrand Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 5496733. Available in stores.
Bead Fringe Choker – SALE $13.99
Rule the night with a swishy mane of metal and faceted beads adorning a sleek satin ribbon choker. Style Name:Topshop Bead Fringe Choker. Style Number: 5496732. Available in stores.
Set of 4 Mix Bead Chokers – SALE $13.99
Sparkly crystals, faceted beads and polished discs detail this set of four goldtone chokers to mix and match as you please. Style Name:Topshop Set Of 4 Mix Bead Chokers. Style Number: 5427433. Available in stores.
Crystal Lariat Necklace – $22
Crystal-sparked strands merge briefly before dropping to a separate, decolletage-tickling finish on a glittering lariat necklace. Style Name:Topshop Crystal Lariat Necklace. Style Number: 5496829. Available in stores.
Crystal Inset Statement Ring – $15
A diamond-shaped motif inlaid with glittering crystals defines a textured oval statement ring. Style Name:Topshop Crystal Inset Statement Ring. Style Number: 5496839. Available in stores.
Fine Body Chain – $28
A delicately layered body chain makes for an unexpected night-out accessory. Style Name:Topshop Fine Body Chain. Style Number: 5521838. Available in stores.
Embellished Denim Choker – $30
Frayed edges soften the look of a beaded and bedazzled choker made from pale blue denim. Style Name:Topshop Embellished Denim Choker. Style Number: 5496836. Available in stores.
Fine Loop Hoop Earrings – $18
Simple hoops are dramatic in an slender, oversized design. Style Name:Topshop Fine Loop Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5508500. Available in stores.
Circle Link Chain Necklace – $18
A circle-and-bar motif adds fresh geometry to a slender curb-chain necklace. Style Name:Topshop Circle Link Chain Necklace. Style Number: 5511240. Available in stores.