Roberto Coin Bracelets

107 items found on May 21, 2019

Diamond Bangle Bracelet – $2,950
A slender, stackable bangle from Italy makes a luxe and memorable gift in gleaming 18-karat gold dotted with sparkling white diamonds. Style Name:Roberto Coin Diamond Bangle Bracelet. Style Number: 5650060. Available in stores.
Soft Square Bangle Bracelet – $1,180
A muted square shape contemporizes a classic bangle bracelet. Style Name:Roberto Coin Soft Square Bangle Bracelet. Style Number: 5650045. Available in stores.
'Symphony - Pois Moi' Ruby Bangle – $2,750
Finely crafted from 18-karat gold, this slender bangle features a studded silhouette and single bead-set ruby along the interior. Style Name:Roberto Coin 'Symphony - Pois Moi' Ruby Bangle. Style Number: 5255179. Available in stores.
18k Gold Diamond Bangle – SALE $1,485
Byzantine Diamond Bracelet – $6,500
A sparkling ruby nestles within the richly textured interior of a luminous bracelet ornately detailed in brilliant diamonds. Style Name:Roberto Coin Byzantine Diamond Bracelet. Style Number: 5757805. Available in stores.
Princess Diamond Bracelet – $3,700
Inset diamonds sparkle next to fairy-tale-inspired braided edges of this dainty bangle created in satin-finish 18-karat gold. Style Name:Roberto Coin Princess Diamond Bracelet. Style Number: 5642041. Available in stores.
18k White Gold Primavera Bracelet – SALE $1,260
18k White Gold Diamond Half-Infinity Bracelet – SALE $2,790
18k Gold Satin Link Bracelet – SALE $4,635
Pois Moi 18k Yellow Gold & Titanium O-Ring Bracelet – SALE $2,475
18k Rose Gold Curb Chain Bracelet – SALE $2,610
18k Gold Diamond Circle Bangle – SALE $3,510
18K Rose Round-Link Bracelet – SALE $2,412
Appass Piccola 18k Two-Tone Diamond Bangle – SALE $1,935
Diamond Infinity Bracelet – $4,600
Inspired by the elegant looped symbol of eternity, this captivating bracelet is handcrafted with two entwined strands-one gleaming in white 18-karat gold, the other traced in diamonds. Style Name:Roberto Coin Diamond Infinity Bracelet. Style Number: 5645909. Available in stores.
XOXO Diamond Bracelet – $2,200
Radiate your affection with a huggable, kissable bracelet set in gold and diamond pave. Style Name:Roberto Coin Xoxo Diamond Bracelet (Nordstrom Exclusive). Style Number: 5645911. Available in stores.
Gold Bangle Bracelet – $1,400
An essential bangle that sparkles as it catches the light. Style Name:Roberto Coin Gold Bangle Bracelet. Style Number: 5645831. Available in stores.
Robert Coin Classic Diamond Bracelet – $2,950
A super-slender, beautifully stackable bangle of 18-karat gold is dotted with diamonds to bring a luxe sparkle to your everyday style. Style Name:Robert Coin Classic Diamond Bracelet. Style Number: 5642363. Available in stores.
Double Symphony Pois Moi Bangle – $5,500
Designed as an ode to the beauty of harmonious melodies, this finely crafted double-layer bangle is intended to be stacked and layered with different pieces to create a unique style and mood. The heirloom-worthy piece is crafted from 18-karat gold and studded with a single ruby. Style Name:Roberto Coin Double Symphony Pois Moi Bangle. Style Number: 5307945. Available in stores.
Primavera 18k Gold Cuff Bracelet – $2,750
An elegant bracelet to love today and forever is handcrafted with two crisscross bands of finely woven 18-carat gold. Style Name:Roberto Coin Primavera 18K Gold Cuff Bracelet. Style Number: 5645883. Available in stores.
18K Three-Ring Round-Link Bracelet – SALE $3,312
Capri Plus Diamond Bangle Bracelet in 18k Rose Gold – SALE $2,844
18k White Gold Art Deco Diamond T Bracelet – SALE $2,835
18k Rose Gold Flat Double-Link Bracelet – SALE $2,520
18k Yellow Gold Curb Chain Bracelet – SALE $3,060
18K Rose Three-Ring Round-Link Bracelet – SALE $3,312
18k White Gold Diamond Infinity Bracelet – SALE $2,070
18k Gold Diamond Snake Bangle – SALE $3,870
18k Diamond Pave Bangle – SALE $3,105
18k White Gold Diamond Circle Bangle – SALE $3,510
18k Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet – SALE $6,795
18k Diamond Pave Bangle – SALE $3,105
18K Yellow Gold Princess Diamond Hinged Bangle Bracelet – $3,700
18K Yellow Gold Primavera Diamond Capped Bangle – $3,900
18K Yellow Gold Retro Bracelet – $3,950
18K Yellow Gold Square Bangle – $1,180
18 Kt. White Gold Bezel-Set Diamond Bracelet – $920
18K Yellow Gold Primavera Diamond Capped Cuff – $3,800
18K Yellow Gold Primavera Mesh Bangle with White Gold and Diamond Bar, 1.35 ct. t.w. – $6,200
18K Yellow and White Gold New Barocco Diamond Bangle – $11,990