Pelle Moda Sandals

78 items found on October 18, 2018

'Berlin' Sandal – $144.95
Caressably soft leather composes an elegant dress sandal with an alluring oversized buckle. Style Name:Pelle Moda 'Berlin' Sandal (Women). Style Number: 477517. Available in stores.
Frisk Embellished Sandal – SALE $65.98
Faceted crystals lend showstopping glamour to a minimalist, closed-back sandal perfect for swanky soirees. Style Name:Pelle Moda Frisk Embellished Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5350997. Available in stores.
'Eden' Mesh Strap Sandal – $139.95
A wide mesh strap wraps the ankle on a strappy sandal shaped from buttery soft leather and lifted by a slender, stacked heel. Style Name:Pelle Moda 'Eden' Mesh Strap Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5057750. Available in stores.
Olson Platform Sandal – $169.95
A metallic finish and skinny straps emphasize the glam style of this lofty platform sandal. Style Name:Pelle Moda Olson Platform Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5551384. Available in stores.
Gabi Ankle Strap Sandal – $169.95
Crystals and glitter sparkle and shine on the toe-strap and block heel of an elegant evening sandal secured by a slim ankle strap. Style Name:Pelle Moda Gabi Ankle Strap Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5580089. Available in stores.
'Fabia' Sandal – $154.95
A minimal sandal with maximum impact features an elegant front strap teeming with twinkling stones. Style Name:Pelle Moda 'Fabia' Sandal (Women). Style Number: 373563. Available in stores.
Bijou Sandal – $154.95
A wide ankle strap with tonal buckle hardware distinguishes a retro-inspired sandal gently lifted by a wrapped block heel. Style Name:Pelle Moda Bijou Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5412547. Available in stores.
Kauai Platform Wedge Sandal – $149.95
Layers of braided jute ramp up an espadrille-inspired sandal fitted with a wrapped-buckle ankle strap and a breezy cutout panel at the toe. Style Name:Pelle Moda Kauai Platform Wedge Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5324428. Available in stores.
Raine Platform Espadrille Sandal – SALE $95.54
A lofty espadrille wedge heel and platform elevate a breezy sandal featuring delicate scalloped trim to add a pretty finishing touch. Style Name:Pelle Moda Raine Platform Espadrille Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5467589. Available in stores.
Baxley 4 Sandal – $144.95
Sparkling crystals embellish the slim straps of a breezy warm-weather sandal perfect for strolls along the boardwalk. Style Name:Pelle Moda Baxley 4 Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5479926. Available in stores.
Kacey Sandal – SALE $87
A sultry silhouette lends classic style to a chic sandal set on a svelte, wrapped heel. Style Name:Pelle Moda Kacey Sandal (Women). Style Number: 156037. Available in stores.
Bayer Embellished Slide Sandal – $149.95
Shimmery microbeads enliven the fringe-trimmed bridge strap of a slide sandal with a flat sole and a big personality. Style Name:Pelle Moda Bayer Embellished Slide Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5551380. Available in stores.
Kinsey Sandal – SALE $98.96
A tapered heel elevates an elegant evening sandal secured by a small buckle at the ankle. Style Name:Pelle Moda Kinsey Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5412553. Available in stores.
Oak Platform Sandal – $179.95
Dazzling crystals sparkle from the straps of a soaring party sandal lifted by a slim stiletto and covered platform. Style Name:Pelle Moda Oak Platform Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5479928. Available in stores.
Lulu Sandal – $149.95
Glittery shine embellishes the straps of an elegant evening sandal lifted by a demure kitten heel. Style Name:Pelle Moda Lulu Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5580106. Available in stores.
Adaline Embellished Sandal – $159.95
Geometric perforations accented with sparkling crystals detail the toe of a T-strap evening sandal gracefully lifted by a demure kitten heel. Style Name:Pelle Moda Adaline Embellished Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5550764. Available in stores.
Alexia 2 Sandal – SALE $92.96
A knotted bow crowns the slim toe strap of a lightly cushioned sandal that's perfect for dancing the night away. Style Name:Pelle Moda Alexia 2 Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5412546. Available in stores.
Roslyn3 Sandal – $149.95
Curvy straps cage the toe of a shapely evening sandal lifted by a gorgeously tapered stiletto. Style Name:Pelle Moda Roslyn3 Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5580118. Available in stores.
Palo 2 Platform Sandal – $159.95
A cushy insole pads each step you take in this scene-stealing sandal lofted by a sky-high heel and bold platform. Style Name:Pelle Moda Palo 2 Platform Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5426400. Available in stores.
Alden Mesh Strap Sandal – $149.95
A narrow strap at the toe and a wide mesh strap at the ankle define the modern look of a block-heel sandal with work-to-play versatility. Style Name:Pelle Moda Alden Mesh Strap Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5479925. Available in stores.
Alexia Sandal – $159.95
A crystal-encrusted bow puts a sparkling flourish on a lustrous satin sandal featuring a dainty ankle strap. Style Name:Pelle Moda Alexia Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5307530. Available in stores.
Olympic Platform Sandal – $179.95
Slender straps form a stylized cage up the front of a metallic-leather sandal lifted by a daringly tall stiletto and a lightly tapered platform. Style Name:Pelle Moda Olympic Platform Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5285974. Available in stores.
'Berlin' Ankle Strap Sandal – $144.95
Crafted of luxe suede, this warm-weather sandal features a cutout toe strap and a bold ankle strap with a wrapped buckle. A low setback heel adds just the right amount of lift. Style Name:Pelle Moda 'Berlin' Ankle Strap Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5191088. Available in stores.
Keo2 Platform Wedge Sandal – SALE $80
Crisscrossing straps are echoed at the ankle for a wedge-heel sandal with day-to-night versatility. Style Name:Pelle Moda Keo2 Platform Wedge Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5485503. Available in stores.
Karmina Embellished Sandal – $169.95
Geometric perforations highlighted with sparkling crystals detail the toe strap of an elegant evening sandal lofted by a slim heel. Style Name:Pelle Moda Karmina Embellished Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5550782. Available in stores.
Rea Block Heel Slide – $114.95
A chunky block heel adds a modern look to a classic slide sandal in an assortment of colors and textures. Style Name:Pelle Moda Rea Block Heel Slide (Women). Style Number: 5479930. Available in stores.
Alicia Block Heel Sandal – $144.95
A just-right block heel elevates a strappy sandal perfect for an evening out or a special occasion. Style Name:Pelle Moda Alicia Block Heel Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5350877. Available in stores.
Paloma Platform Sandal – $159.95
A rocker platform and chunky heel add leg-lengthening height to a retro-inspired sandal, secured with an oversized buckle at the ankle. Style Name:Pelle Moda Paloma Platform Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5351008. Available in stores.
Grey Sandal – $149.95
Rich suede refines a block-heel sandal that's both chic and versatile. Style Name:Pelle Moda Grey Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5580097. Available in stores.
Newport Sandal – $129.95
A minimalist flat sandal with a flexible sole is styled with a slim ankle strap anchored by a covered ring buckle. Style Name:Pelle Moda Newport Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5479929. Available in stores.
Moira Crystal Embellished Sandal – $159.95
A sparkling array of variegated crystals adds Art Deco-inspired glamour to an elegant evening sandal lifted by a demiblock heel. Style Name:Pelle Moda Moira Crystal Embellished Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5580108. Available in stores.
Platform Sandal – $179.95
A dramatic bow dials up the contemporary charm of a lofty platform sandal topped by a slim ankle strap. Style Name:Pelle Moda Platform Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5639236. Available in stores.
Bex Kitten Heel Slide – $109.95
An open toe balances the modest kitten heel on an essential slide that's both on-trend and timeless. Style Name:Pelle Moda Bex Kitten Heel Slide (Women). Style Number: 5245498. Available in stores.
Bonnie6 Embellished Sandal – SALE $86.81
Shimmering microbeads enliven the straps of a versatile sandal that's trimmed in fringe and lifted high on a curvy column heel. Style Name:Pelle Moda Bonnie6 Embellished Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5550767. Available in stores.
Olivia Embellished Platform Sandal – $174.95
Tonal crystals enliven the neatly perforated toe of a sandal styled for impact with a curvy platform and a towering stiletto. Style Name:Pelle Moda Olivia Embellished Platform Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5580115. Available in stores.
Patton2 Sandal – $159.95
Glittery crystals twinkle along the T-strap of a pretty party sandal. Style Name:Pelle Moda Patton2 Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5479927. Available in stores.
Oana Slingback Platform Sandal – $164.95
Elevate your style quotient a couple inches with the wrapped stiletto and rocker platform of this flirty peep-toe sandal. Style Name:Pelle Moda Oana Slingback Platform Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5245541. Available in stores.
Kim Sandal – $169.95
Sparkling crystals embellish a striking evening sandal topped by a slender ankle strap and lofted by a tapered heel. Style Name:Pelle Moda Kim Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5307566. Available in stores.
Fable Sandal – $134.95
A sleek T-strap makes this minimalist sandal a sophisticated must-have. Style Name:Pelle Moda Fable Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5580087. Available in stores.
Raia Espadrille Wedge Sandal – $164.95
Revamp any warm-weather look with lofty wedge sandals that pair lush suede straps with striped jute trim. Style Name:Pelle Moda Raia Espadrille Wedge Sandal (Women). Style Number: 5550791.