Nordstrom Rings

6 items found on December 15, 2018

Pave Crisscross Ring – $49
The crisscross design of this pave ring will pull admiring looks into orbit around your sparkling presence. Style Name:Nordstrom Pave Crisscross Ring. Style Number: 5571023. Available in stores.
Solitaire Pave Cocktail Ring – $59
Your every gesture will captivate with sparkle in this solitaire ring with a pave band. Style Name:Nordstrom Solitaire Pave Cocktail Ring. Style Number: 5571010. Available in stores.
Pave Spheres Signet Ring – $69
Sparkling pave crystals covering the face and sides of a signet ring put a glam finish on a heritage-style essential. Style Name:Nordstrom Pave Spheres Signet Ring. Style Number: 5692303. Available in stores.
Pave Coil Ring – $59
The coil shape gives the pave crystals space to shine on a statement ring to start sparkling conversations. Style Name:Nordstrom Pave Coil Ring. Style Number: 5571022_1. Available in stores.
Pave Eternity Band – $39
Shine with eternal brilliance in impeccable style, wearing this pave crystal band. Style Name:Nordstrom Pave Eternity Band. Style Number: 5571020. Available in stores.
Set of 3 Pave Eternity Bands – $69
Shine with eternal brilliance in impeccable style, wearing this set of pave crystal bands. Style Name:Nordstrom Set Of 3 Pave Eternity Bands. Style Number: 5571021. Available in stores.