Nine West Hats

22 items found on December 18, 2017

Flat-Brim Fedora – SALE $37.50
A trim ribbon surrounds the molded crown of a stylish flat-brim Nine West fedora in warm wool with a smooth finish.
Flower Cloche – SALE $39
Fringed, cutout flowers adorn a Nine West cloche shaped from warm wool and finished with a darling brim.
Felt Newsboy Cap – SALE $25.50
A glossy metal band adds style and structure to a Nine West newsboy cap in felted wool.
Felt Cap – SALE $33
A high-shine metallic band emphasizes the chic, retro-inspired style of a Nine West cap in warm felted wool.
Rain Bucket Hat – SALE $27
Beat the rainy day blues in this ultra-charming bucket hat cast in a sleek waterproof material, from Nine West.
Reversible Faux-Fur Cloche – SALE $27
Sleek and polished or fashionably plush? Nine West's cloche reverses from faux fur to nylon for two looks in one.
Velvet Newsboy Cap – SALE $28.50
Top off a cute look with Nine West's newsboy cap in trend-right velvet.
Felt Porkpie Fedora – SALE $36
Colorful feather accents peek out from the welted grosgrain band of a stylish Nine West porkpie fedora in warm wool.
Reversible Rain Hat – SALE $28.50
From sleek to solid, Nine West's water-resistant hat slicks off rain in an adorable bucket shape that's reversible.
Faux-Suede Baseball Hat – SALE $25.50
Soft and textural faux suede lends a season-right touch to a Nine West baseball cap, perfect for quick coffee runs.
Metallic Boucle Cap – SALE $25.50
Little hints of metallic flash and shine on a Nine West newsboy cap in tweedy boucle knit.
Reversible Bucket Rain Hat – SALE $28.50
Beat the rainy day blues in Nine West's charming bucket hat that offers sleek water-resistance in a reversible design.
Studded Floppy Hat – SALE $42
Antiqued studs bring boho charm to a Nine West floppy hat in season-right wool.
Mixed Braid Cloche Hat – SALE $10.13
Make it your chicest season yet with Nine West's charming cloche in a sun-blocking mixed weave. (Clearance)
Roll-Up Packable Sun Visor – $30
Keep beach tresses perfectly in place with Nine West's sun-shielding visor that rolls up nicely and packs away when the day is over.
Fleece-Trim Cloche – SALE $33
Nine West's chic and classic cloche effortlessly transitions through the seasons with a ring of plush sherpa fleece.
Reversible Rain Bucket Hat – SALE $28.50
Come rain or shine, you'll look positively chic in Nine West's reversible water-repellent bucket hat.
Bucket Rain Hat – SALE $27
Nine West's water-resistant hat slicks off rain in an adorable bucket shape that packs up during the sunny season.
Flower Knit Cloche – SALE $31.50
A satiny folded flower adds a romantic touch to a Nine West cloche designed with a stylish brim.
Felt Cloche – SALE $39
A sleek braided band accentuates the chic form of a Nine West cloche hat warmed by felted wool.
Bow & Grommet Floppy Hat – SALE $42
A grosgrain ribbon band laces through the bold grommets and ties in a bow at the back of a Nine West floppy hat warmed by wool.
Braided Cloche Hat – SALE $6.86
Light and airy ripples texture a Nine West cloche made for the season. (Clearance)