Nadri Jewelry

403 items found on August 15, 2018

Edwardian Ear Crawlers – $45
Constellations of glittering cubic zirconias crawl up your earlobes in these ultra-modern earrings. Style Name:Nadri Edwardian Ear Crawlers. Style Number: 5313074. Available in stores.
'Geo' Small Pendant Necklace – $50
A dense covering of cubic zirconia illuminates the circular pendant of this delicate chain necklace. Style Name:Nadri 'Geo' Small Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 1057811. Available in stores.
'Crescent' Linear Hoop Earrings – $60
Perfect for everyday wear, these glistening hoop earrings feature an openwork design illuminated with sparkling crystals. Style Name:Nadri 'Crescent' Linear Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5167284. Available in stores.
Wrap Choker Necklace – SALE $31.20
Sueded ribbon wraps and ties comfortably around the neck to fit your personal style, while a small, sparkling brooch adds polish to this bohemian choker. Style Name:Nadri Wrap Choker Necklace. Style Number: 5370078. Available in stores.
Pave Crystal Bangle – $150
Brilliant pave-set crystals blanket a slender, stackable bangle plated in luminous precious metal. Style Name:Nadri Pave Crystal Bangle. Style Number: 260006. Available in stores.
Shaker Crystal Necklace – $70
Fluttery cubic zirconia bezels add just the right amount of sparkle and shine to this delicate necklace perfect for layering with your other favorite styles. Style Name:Nadri Shaker Crystal Necklace. Style Number: 5313079. Available in stores.
Georgian Cubic Zirconia Bracelet – $220
Icy cuts of cubic zirconia steal the show on this intensely lustrous bracelet. Style Name:Nadri Georgian Cubic Zirconia Bracelet. Style Number: 5670885. Available in stores.
Long Bezel Station Necklace – $98
Glittering cubic zirconia bezels dot the delicate chain of an ultra-long necklace that can be doubled for a trendy layered look, or worn as-is for a dramatic finish. Style Name:Nadri Long Bezel Station Necklace. Style Number: 5167196. Available in stores.
'Tattoo' Encrusted Lariat Necklace – $75
A crystal-encrusted spear pendant dangles from the delicate chain of an adjustable lariat necklace that's perfect for layering with shorter styles. Style Name:Nadri 'Tattoo' Encrusted Lariat Necklace. Style Number: 5066312. Available in stores.
Double Row Imitation Pearl Bracelet – $70
Slender stations traced with sparkling crystals accent an elegant bracelet made with two rows of luminous glass pearls. The heirloom-inspired design makes a romantic choice for going out or a posh counterpart to a pared-back look. Style Name:Nadri Double Row Imitation Pearl Bracelet. Style Number: 5134081. Available in stores.
Tier Pendant Necklace – $68
This charming, Y-necklace boasts luminous stones suspended from a delicate chain. Style Name:Nadri Tier Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 5547952. Available in stores.
'Tattoo' Pave Hinge Bangle – $70
Glittering pave crystals encrust a slender hinge bangle that narrows to an edgy point at each open end. Stack this sparkling style with other bracelets for a super-trendy layered look. Style Name:Nadri 'Tattoo' Pave Hinge Bangle. Style Number: 5066313. Available in stores.
Triangle Ear Crawlers – $30
A row of angular shapes forms an edgy silhouette, making these polished ear crawlers the perfect modern addition to your jewelry box. Style Name:Nadri Triangle Ear Crawlers. Style Number: 5146813. Available in stores.
18-Inch Glass Pearl Strand Necklace – $70
Glistening imitation pearls line this wear-with-anything strand in a traditional princess length. Style Name:Nadri 18-Inch Glass Pearl Strand Necklace. Style Number: 5329305. Available in stores.
Imitation Pearl Linear Drop Earrings – $50
Designed to look like gently waning vines, these glistening linear drop earrings feature a mix of sparkling crystals and luminous glass pearls. Style Name:Nadri Imitation Pearl Linear Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5134129. Available in stores.
Linear Earrings – $110
The impressive sparkle and timeless, flattering shape of these linear earrings will have you feeling like a classic beauty at your next special occasion. Style Name:Nadri Linear Earrings. Style Number: 1057415. Available in stores.
Openwork Crystal Pendant Necklace – $48
Shimmering pave cubic zirconias trace an elegant open-circle pendant in this delicate necklace plated with luminous precious metal. Style Name:Nadri Openwork Crystal Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 5313118. Available in stores.
Trinity Double Link Long Necklace – $148
Crystal-embellished links shimmer from every angle in this elegant long necklace plated with precious metal and perfect for layering with shorter styles. Style Name:Nadri Trinity Double Link Long Necklace. Style Number: 5375477. Available in stores.
Cubic Zirconia Pear Drop Earrings – $55
These glinting drops hold faceted cubic zirconia within their gracefully curved silhouettes, creating an elegant and versatile look. Style Name:Nadri Cubic Zirconia Pear Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5427184. Available in stores.
'Salome' Cubic Zirconia Anklet – $35
Perfect for an evening out, this delicate anklet is made with a slender ball chain and a single cubic-zirconia bezel. Style Name:Nadri 'salome' Cubic Zirconia Anklet. Style Number: 5197011. Available in stores.
Teardrop Earrings – $55
Sparkling crystals cover open teardrops dancing along this sophisticated pair of drop earrings. Style Name:Nadri Teardrop Earrings. Style Number: 1057982. Available in stores.
'Geo' Station Bracelet – $45
A dense covering of cubic zirconia illuminates the lone circular station of this slinky, comfortable bracelet. Style Name:Nadri 'Geo' Station Bracelet. Style Number: 1057967. Available in stores.
Cubic ZIrconia Clip Drop Earrings – $110
Like glinting chandeliers, these glamorous drops cascade with twinkling cubic zirconia and luminous imitation pearls. Style Name:Nadri Cubic Zirconia Clip Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5427176. Available in stores.
Rose Clip-On Stud Earrings – $65
Openwork roses encrusted with pave-set cubic zirconia have lacy, luminous impact that goes with anything. Style Name:Nadri Rose Clip-On Stud Earrings. Style Number: 5427175. Available in stores.
Cluster Cubic Zirconia Bracelet – $135
Elevate the elegance of your evening look with a sparkling bracelet illuminated with a mix of marquise and prong-set cubic zirconia. Style Name:Nadri Cluster Cubic Zirconia Bracelet. Style Number: 5427182. Available in stores.
Crystal Necklace – $88
A sweet curvature of lustrous cubic zirconia round your neckline, making for a simple yet elegant adornment. Style Name:Nadri Crystal Necklace. Style Number: 5547935. Available in stores.
Fanfare Frontal Necklace – $90
A lustrous array of sparkling jewels takes center stage on this timeless evening-out necklace. Style Name:Nadri Fanfare Frontal Necklace. Style Number: 5626874. Available in stores.
Kite Chandelier Earrings – $158
Shining with timeless elegance, these stunning chandelier earrings boast brilliant cubic zirconia sparkle. Style Name:Nadri Kite Chandelier Earrings. Style Number: 5626880. Available in stores.
Georgian Crystal Linear Drop Earrings – $70
Cubic zirconia sparkle and shine on linear drop earrings perfect for accenting your favorite party look. Style Name:Nadri Georgian Crystal Linear Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5670884. Available in stores.
Medium Inside Out Hoop Earrings – $60
Clear pave-set crystals scintillate from every angle on this pair of ultraslim hoop earrings plated in hand-polished precious metal. Style Name:Nadri Medium Inside Out Hoop Earrings (Nordstrom Exclusive). Style Number: 813821. Available in stores.
Reverse-V Hoop Earrings – $45
Dual, sparkle-encrusted hoops add delicate charm to your day-to night look. Style Name:Nadri Reverse-V Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5633625. Available in stores.
Half Sparkle Hoops – $48
Lustrous crystals sparkle on these dainty hoops, adding a touch of glam to your ensemble. Style Name:Nadri Half Sparkle Hoops. Style Number: 5547933. Available in stores.
Multistrand Imitation Pearl Necklace – $125
An elegant collar necklace designed with three rows of luminous glass pearls can serve as a polished counterpoint to laid-back dressing or complement dressed-to-the-nines evening wear. Style Name:Nadri Multistrand Imitation Pearl Necklace. Style Number: 5134128. Available in stores.
'Salome' Cubic Zirconia Hand Chain – $75
Dainty rows of cubic zirconias bring sparkle to the slender strands of a delicate hand chain, adding unexpected glamour to any look. Style Name:Nadri 'salome' Cubic Zirconia Hand Chain. Style Number: 5197013. Available in stores.
Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace – $35
She'll be elated to receive this short, layerable necklace as a gift. A prong-set solitaire adds timeless elegance that works for most any occasion. Its radiance strikes just the right balance, with an overall effect more bright than glittery, boosting its versatility further. Style Name:Nadri Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 1057817. Available in stores.
Graduated Imitation Pearl Necklace – $65
Graduated glass pearls form a timelessly elegant necklace that finishes any look with classic glamour. Style Name:Nadri Graduated Imitation Pearl Necklace. Style Number: 5134130. Available in stores.
Curved Bar Stud Earrings – $30
Elegantly curved bars give organic movement to these sculptural stud earrings. Style Name:Nadri Curved Bar Stud Earrings. Style Number: 5146802. Available in stores.
Crystal Chandelier Earrings – $125
Dangling pear cubic zirconias shimmer and sway in these dramatic pave chandelier earrings that make the perfect finishing touch for a glamorous night out. Style Name:Nadri Crystal Chandelier Earrings. Style Number: 5313086. Available in stores.
Imitation Pearl Collar Necklace – $65
Subtly gradated sizes of imitation pearls form a classic collar necklace punctuated by a pave-crystal embellished closure, which can be worn in front for a touch of elegant sparkle. Style Name:Nadri Imitation Pearl Collar Necklace. Style Number: 5024459. Available in stores.
Cubic Zirconia Collar Necklace – $250
Clear, endlessly sparkling stones trace a simple yet elegant collar necklace-the perfect crown for your evening ensemble. Style Name:Nadri Cubic Zirconia Collar Necklace. Style Number: 836824. Available in stores.