Miansai Jewelry

23 items found on April 19, 2019

round shaped bracelet – $225
Black round shaped bracelet from Miansai.
Nexus Chain & Rope Bracelet – $145
A fine nylon rope is braided into a gleaming 18-karat gold-plated chain on this slim, American-made bracelet. Style Name:Miansai Nexus Chain & Rope Bracelet. Style Number: 5731426. Available in stores.
Mini Rope Bracelet – $85
A sleek stainless steel bead marks a hearty, American-made bracelet that features rugged nautical rope. Style Name:Miansai Mini Rope Bracelet. Style Number: 5731423. Available in stores.
Nyx Ring – $120
Hardware-inspired edges put a modern finish on an essential ring crafted from polished precious metal. Style Name:Miansai Nyx Ring. Style Number: 5487482. Available in stores.
delicate thin bracelet – $1,200
Gold-ton Gold Vermeil with white Sapphire delicate thin bracelet from Miansai featuring encrusted details.
round shaped bracelet – $225
Black round shaped bracelet from Miansai.
bar pin bangle – $315
Silver bar pin bangle from Miansai.
Ocetet Drop Hoop Earrings – $300
Bring this season's geometric trend to your lobes with these gleaming octagon hoops that are sure to make a statement. Style Name:Miansai Ocetet Drop Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5731463. Available in stores.
Xander Drop Earrings – $355
Gleaming circles branch downwards on these sculptural earrings that bring a touch of nature's beauty to your lobes. Style Name:Miansai Xander Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5731462. Available in stores.
Thin Reeve Cuff – $245
Both minimalist and elegant, this innovative wrist cuff is designed with flex technology that allows you to pull apart against tension to open. Style Name:Miansai Thin Reeve Cuff. Style Number: 5487475. Available in stores.
Square Bar Cuff – $395
An openwork silhouette accentuates the modern feel of a hardware-inspired cuff made with a hinge closure. Style Name:Miansai Square Bar Cuff. Style Number: 5487479. Available in stores.
Angular Pendant Necklace – $155
A lightweight pendant designed with clean lines and graphic angles puts a modern finish on this essential precious-metal necklace. Style Name:Miansai Angular Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 5487478. Available in stores.
Square Openwork Ring – $115
Linear edges and hardware-inspired lines put a contemporary finish on an openwork ring crafted from precious metal. Style Name:Miansai Square Openwork Ring. Style Number: 5487483. Available in stores.
Thin Screw Cuff – $195
Two tones of metal accentuate the modern feel of a slender wrist cuff designed with a hardware-inspired silhouette. Style Name:Miansai Thin Screw Cuff. Style Number: 5487476. Available in stores.
White Sapphire Pillar Cuff Bracelet – $450
A neat magnetic closure helps maintain a streamlined design in a gold-plated cuff accented with glittering white sapphires. Style Name:Miansai White Sapphire Pillar Cuff Bracelet. Style Number: 5607054. Available in stores.
Mini Dove Pendant Necklace – $175
A dove-etched coin and a small Saint Christopher medallion add peaceful power to a charming necklace made in America from 18-karat gold plating. Style Name:Miansai Mini Dove Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 5850934. Available in stores.
Single Trice Bracelet – $95
Fine sterling silver hardware touches up a charming, American-made bracelet braided from genuine leather. Style Name:Miansai Single Trice Bracelet. Style Number: 5731424. Available in stores.
Bly Ring – $115
Crafted from polished precious metal, this hardware-inspired ring looks great worn solo or stacked with similar styles. Style Name:Miansai Bly Ring. Style Number: 5487481. Available in stores.
Klink Bracelet – $225
Offset Cuff Bracelet – $250
Thin Screw Cuff Bracelet – $195
Tricolor Cuff Bracelet – $285
Infinity Cuff Bracelet – $215