Melinda Maria Jewelry

38 items found on October 18, 2018

The Queen's Necklace – $168
Put a regal finish on everyday or evening-out looks with this gold-plated collar necklace set with tapered baguette-cut crystals. Style Name:Melinda Maria The Queen's Necklace. Style Number: 5605372. Available in stores.
Charmed I'm Sure Hoop Earrings – $58
Delightful charms dangle from gilt hoops on these swingy statement earrings plated in 18-karat gold. Style Name:Melinda Maria Charmed I'M Sure Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5652114. Available in stores.
You're a Star Necklace – $75
A shimmering crystal-encrusted star anchors the delicate chains of this 18-karat gold-plated necklace with heavenly appeal. Style Name:Melinda Maria You'Re A Star Necklace. Style Number: 5652105. Available in stores.
Stella Cubic Zirconia Ear Cuff – $48
With sparkling cubic zirconia and imitation pearls and nestled within asymmetrically stacked settings, these glinting ear cuffs are elegant and a little edgy. Style Name:Melinda Maria Stella Cubic Zirconia Ear Cuff. Style Number: 5413373. Available in stores.
Ashley Hinged Cuff – $128
Bezel-set crystals lend glamorous sparkle to a slim bangle that's perfect for stacking with other bracelets for a trendy, customized look. Style Name:Melinda Maria Ashley Hinged Cuff. Style Number: 5652111. Available in stores.
'Mademoiselle' Pod Drop Earrings – $68
Sparkling cubic zirconia inlays dust the contoured leaf-like drops that swing from a pair of versatile, handcrafted earrings. Style Name:Melinda Maria 'Mademoiselle' Pod Drop Earrings. Style Number: 494920. Available in stores.
'June - Leaf' Long Station Necklace – $125
Coupled teardrops intersperse a lengthy, delicately handcrafted chain necklace shining with warm-gold plating and pave-set crystals. Style Name:Melinda Maria 'June - Leaf' Long Station Necklace. Style Number: 985591. Available in stores.
Link Drop Earrings – $58
Interlocking hoops scattered in high-quality crystal have a dancing shine that frames the face beautifully as earrings. Style Name:Melinda Maria Link Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5413395. Available in stores.
Cubic Zirconia Wrist Cuff – $78
Designed with a tapered silhouette, this glinting cuff is peppered with a gradient of sparkling cubic zirconia. Style Name:Melinda Maria Cubic Zirconia Wrist Cuff. Style Number: 5413284. Available in stores.
Feather Drop Earrings – $98
Articulated shape adds slinky movement to these long, slimming earrings alight with cubic-zirconia pave. Style Name:Melinda Maria Feather Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5413396. Available in stores.
Sienna Drop Earrings – $78
Add a raw, primitive edge to your look with these hammered-finish earrings reminiscent of ancient iconography. Style Name:Melinda Maria Sienna Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5603032. Available in stores.
Sydney Baye Lariat Necklace – $85
Lustrous pave pendants bookend a long, golden strand on this effortlessly elegant lariat necklace. Style Name:Melinda Maria Sydney Baye Lariat Necklace. Style Number: 5652101. Available in stores.
Katherine Opal Linear Earrings – $98
Shimmering opals and glittering cubic zirconia in an 18-karat gold-plate setting define statement drop earrings that catch the light with every turn of your head. Style Name:Melinda Maria Katherine Opal Linear Earrings. Style Number: 5652118. Available in stores.
Bethany Beaded Bracelet – $68
Shimmering translucent beads catch the light on a multistrand adjustable bracelet stationed with shining 18-karat gold-plated accents. Style Name:Melinda Maria Bethany Beaded Bracelet. Style Number: 5652120. Available in stores.
Good Luck Charm Necklace – $98
A shimmering opal and dainty crystal-encrusted charms inspired by good luck talismans embellish this delicate layered necklace plated in gleaming 18-karat gold. Style Name:Melinda Maria Good Luck Charm Necklace. Style Number: 5652106. Available in stores.
Quarter Moon Hoop Earrings – $58
Brighten that lovely face with gleaming hoop earrings plated in 18-karat gold. Style Name:Melinda Maria Quarter Moon Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5652110. Available in stores.
Rose Drop Opal Earring Jackets – $98
Lustrous opals and bright cubic zirconia accent these dynamic, oblong hoops designed with starry studs and a dramatic drop. Style Name:Melinda Maria Rose Drop Opal Earring Jackets. Style Number: 5652113. Available in stores.
Rihanna Hoop Earrings – $58
These sleek statement earrings boast thin, interlocking hoops with voluminous dimension and dramatic drops. Style Name:Melinda Maria Rihanna Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5652115. Available in stores.
Star Shooter Hoop Earrings – $58
Sparkly stars dangle below gleaming hoops on these elevated, wear-anywhere earrings. Style Name:Melinda Maria Star Shooter Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5652119. Available in stores.
Double Sticks Necklace – $75
Delicate double strands delight this charming necklace, while gleaming gold-plated tags add eye-catching dimension. Style Name:Melinda Maria Double Sticks Necklace. Style Number: 5652104. Available in stores.
Evil Eye Stud Earrings – $68
Mesmerizing talismans serve as the design inspiration for these enchanting stud earrings plated in 18-karat gold and illuminated with shimmering opals and glittering cubic zirconia. Style Name:Melinda Maria Evil Eye Stud Earrings. Style Number: 5652103. Available in stores.
Fluted Fringe Opal Necklace – $128
Iridescent opals and sparkling cubic zirconia lend subtle glam to this fringed statement necklace. Style Name:Melinda Maria Fluted Fringe Opal Necklace. Style Number: 5652107. Available in stores.
Baby Jaguar Necklace – $78
Marquise and pave crystals sparkle from a jaguar-head pendant necklace that looks fierce whether worn alone or layered. Style Name:Melinda Maria Baby Jaguar Necklace. Style Number: 5605381. Available in stores.
Emily Long Pendant Necklace – $168
Make a sparkling statement with a long chain necklace showcasing a faceted labradorite stone within a tapered baguette setting. Style Name:Melinda Maria Emily Long Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 5605378. Available in stores.
Baby Jaguar Stud Earrings – $85
Look fierce wearing these sculptural jaguar-head studs bejeweled with marquise and pave crystals. Style Name:Melinda Maria Baby Jaguar Stud Earrings. Style Number: 5605374. Available in stores.
Emily Open Drop Earrings – $98
Catch the light (and admiring glances) while wearing these gold-plated drop earrings traced in tapered baguette crystals. Style Name:Melinda Maria Emily Open Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5605375. Available in stores.
Charina Labradorite Necklace – $128
This gorgeous pendant necklace makes a standout statement with faceted labradorite framed in pave cubic zirconia. Style Name:Melinda Maria Charina Labradorite Necklace. Style Number: 5605380. Available in stores.
Uma Opal Stick Earrings – $68
Iridescent opals and sparkling cubic zirconia lend subtle glam to these sleek gold-plated drops. Style Name:Melinda Maria Uma Opal Stick Earrings. Style Number: 5652112. Available in stores.
Sarah Louise Opal Stud Earrings – $78
A halo of twinkling cubic zirconia surrounds a dreamy opal on these stunning studs that are perfect for a touch of everyday glam. Style Name:Melinda Maria Sarah Louise Opal Stud Earrings. Style Number: 5527674. Available in stores.
Baby Jaguar Hinged Cuff – $128
Put a fierce finish on any look with this open, hinged bracelet capped with sculptural jaguar heads bejeweled with marquise and pave crystals. Style Name:Melinda Maria Baby Jaguar Hinged Cuff. Style Number: 5605373. Available in stores.
Katherine Crystal Huggie Earrings – $58
Designed to fan your earlobe in soft shine, these glinting ear huggies have three rows of metallic lines, each studded with sparkling cubic zirconia Style Name:Melinda Maria Katherine Crystal Huggie Earrings. Style Number: 5413292. Available in stores.
Lynna Opal Collar Necklace – $98
Dreamy blue opals and twinkling cubic zirconia accent the trio of chains suspended from the open ends of a smooth, high-shine collar for an inventive, eye-catching look. Style Name:Melinda Maria Lynna Opal Collar Necklace. Style Number: 5527677. Available in stores.
Fluted Fan Earrings – $78
Ultra-modern earrings plated in 18-karat gold fan your earlobe with eye-catching shine. Style Name:Melinda Maria Fluted Fan Earrings. Style Number: 5652117. Available in stores.
Maureene Labradorite Statement Ring – $128
Pave-inlaid triangle prongs and textured etching play up the dramatic sparkle of a gold-plated ring set with a faceted labradorite stone. Style Name:Melinda Maria Maureene Labradorite Statement Ring. Style Number: 5605377. Available in stores.
Isla Stackable Band Ring – $68
This endless ring of bezel-set semiprecious stones will add subtle sophistication to your outfit, day or night. Style Name:Melinda Maria Isla Stackable Band Ring. Style Number: 1088709. Available in stores.
Emily Stacked Ring – $78
This stunning statement ring boasts an openwork array of gleaming, gold-plated bands, each sparkling with tapered baguette crystals. Style Name:Melinda Maria Emily Stacked Ring. Style Number: 5605382. Available in stores.
The Queen's Band – $58
Feel like a queen every day wearing this gold-plated ring opulently set with tapered baguette-cut crystals. Style Name:Melinda Maria The Queen's Band. Style Number: 5605369. Available in stores.
Sam Hinge Cuff – $68
This slim, stackable cuff ends with tiled details awash with glistening cubic-zirconia pave Style Name:Melinda Maria Sam Hinge Cuff. Style Number: 5413280. Available in stores.