Leone Accessories

3 items found on April 21, 2019

Alighieri Il necklace – $267
24kt gold-plated bronze Il Leone necklace from Alighieri featuring a spring-ring fastening, a fine chain and an antique Venetian coin pendant.
Alighieri Il necklace – $255
This exquisite piece by Alighieri is inspired by the poet, Dante Alighieri's 'Divine Comedy' selection of poems and namely references the Selva Oscura when Dante encounters a terrifying lion and is forced to turn away from his perilous journey. Crafted from 24kt gold plated bronze, this Il Leone necklace embodies this moment, with its lion embossed pendant suspended on a delicate chain.
Alighieri Bracelet – $303
In the selva oscura -dark wood- Dante is confronted by a terrifying lion. His head held high, with a furious hunger, it seems as though the very air is trembling in fear of the wild beast. The Yellow 24kt gold-plated bronze Ileone Bracelet from Alighieri was crafted from an antique Venetian coin, recovered and restored with Alighieri wax and features a rectangle link chain.