Lagos Rings

100 items found on January 18, 2018

'Maya' Stackable Caviar Ring – $250
A faceted stone doublet gleams with intriguing luminescence at the center of a slender ring studded with signature Caviar beading. This elegant piece is perfect for stacking with other ring styles to create a modern, customized look. Style Name:Lagos 'Maya' Stackable Caviar Ring. Style Number: 5138875. Available in stores.
'Enso' Caviar Crossover Ring – $375
Signature caviar beading adds luxurious texture to an elegant X-shaped ring made with sterling silver and 18-karat gold. Style Name:Lagos 'Enso' Caviar Crossover Ring. Style Number: 1009675. Available in stores.
Diamonds & Caviar Ring – $1,995
Tactile silver beading rims a classic two-tone band featuring an 18-karat gold line brimming with breathtaking diamonds. Style Name:Lagos Diamonds & Caviar Ring. Style Number: 379289.
'Signature Caviar' Bold Fluted Stack Ring – $200
LAGOS's signature caviar-like beading lends luxurious texture to a slender sterling ring that you can easily stack and layer with other bands. Style Name:Lagos 'signature Caviar' Bold Fluted Stack Ring. Style Number: 1008601. Available in stores.
KSL Diamond Pave Crossover Ring – $995
Bright pave-set diamonds and solid-gold beading crisscross in this streamlined, sterling silver statement ring. Style Name:Lagos Ksl Diamond Pave Crossover Ring. Style Number: 5282977. Available in stores.
'Caviar Icon' Multi-Row Dome Ring – $500
Delicate 18-karat gold charms are woven into the rows of signature Caviar beading that form this beautiful handcrafted sterling silver ring. Style Name:Lagos 'Caviar Icon' Multi-Row Dome Ring. Style Number: 1192614. Available in stores.
'Caviar Color' Small Semiprecious Stone Ring – $495
A faceted, bezel-set semiprecious stone shimmers in an ultra-modern sterling-silver ring accented with signature Caviar beading and logo details cast in luminous 18-karat gold. Style Name:Lagos 'Caviar Color' Small Semiprecious Stone Ring. Style Number: 5138867. Available in stores.
'Signature Caviar' Ring – $150
Beaded sterling silver textures a tapered ring topped with a smooth, gleaming X. Style Name:Lagos 'signature Caviar' Ring. Style Number: 535338. Available in stores.
'Luna' Large Pearl Ring – $375
Highly polished Caviar beading nestles a luminous pearl in an elegant sterling-silver ring finished with distinctive logo etching. Style Name:Lagos 'Luna' Large Pearl Ring. Style Number: 5138931. Available in stores.
'Caviar' Stacking Ring – $275
LAGOS' signature Caviar beads in sterling silver and ceramic enchant an artisan-crafted band ring accented with two luminous 18-karat gold stations. Style Name:Lagos 'Caviar' Stacking Ring. Style Number: 5237742. Available in stores.
Beloved Ring – $350
A pair of linked hearts-one smooth, one beaded-tops a shining sterling-silver ring polished with glinting gold accents. Style Name:Lagos Beloved Ring. Style Number: 5312359. Available in stores.
Torsade Knot Ring – $850
Eighteen-karat gold Caviar beading weaves in and out of smoothly polished sterling silver in this handcrafted ring designed with a sinuously knotted motif. Style Name:Lagos Torsade Knot Ring. Style Number: 5484910. Available in stores.
'Diamonds & Caviar' Medium Diamond Ring – $1,950
Brilliant pave diamonds sparkle on yellow gold wrapped around two Caviar bands in a stunning handcrafted ring. Style Name:Lagos 'Diamonds & Caviar' Medium Diamond Ring. Style Number: 318724. Available in stores.
Caviar Forever Medium Dome Ring – $300
Designed for everyday wear, this versatile sterling silver ring is centered with luxuriously textured Caviar beading and luminously polished 18-karat gold stations. Style Name:Lagos Caviar Forever Medium Dome Ring. Style Number: 5294776. Available in stores.
Caviar Spark Diamond Square Ring – $495
Polished Caviar beading outlines a square of 9 sparkling pave diamonds atop a sumptuously textured sterling-silver ring. Style Name:Lagos Caviar Spark Diamond Square Ring. Style Number: 5312694. Available in stores.
'Caviar Icon' Stacking Ring – $250
Richly textured 18-karat gold Caviar beading textures the dainty bar of a slender stacking ring handcrafted from sterling silver. Style Name:Lagos 'Caviar Icon' Stacking Ring. Style Number: 5226059. Available in stores.
Maya Stone Ring – $395
Harlequin facets add domed dimension to the color-rich semiprecious-stone setting of a Caviar-beaded statement ring. Style Name:Lagos Maya Stone Ring. Style Number: 100402. Available in stores.
North Star Ring – $650
Bubbly Caviar beading adds textural depth to a two-tone star ring that shines bright with fiery pave diamonds. Style Name:Lagos North Star Ring. Style Number: 5484918. Available in stores.
Caviar Icon Stacking Ring – $250
Designed to seamlessly complement your everyday wardrobe, this slender ring is crafted from gorgeously textured sterling silver and 18-karat gold. Style Name:Lagos Caviar Icon Stacking Ring. Style Number: 5352760. Available in stores.
Diamond Lux Ring – $5,000
This handcrafted band is designed to stand the test of time with delicate 18-karat gold filigree and rows of sparkling pave diamonds. Style Name:Lagos Diamond Lux Ring. Style Number: 5484915. Available in stores.
Luna Pearl Ring – $395
Celebrate a landmark occasion in the life of someone special with this artisan-crafted ring centered with a luminous cultured pearl and richly textured split band. Style Name:Lagos Luna Pearl Ring. Style Number: 5282978. Available in stores.
'Caviar Color' Large Semiprecious Stone Ring – $1,250
A sparkling, faceted semiprecious stone takes center stage in a gorgeous sterling-silver ring crafted with insets of signature Caviar beading and logo details cast in 18-karat gold. Make a dramatic statement with this eye-catching, keepsake-worthy style. Style Name:Lagos 'Caviar Color' Large Semiprecious Stone Ring. Style Number: 5138915. Available in stores.
Caviar Stack Ring – $750
Signature caviar beading textures the slender band of a versatile ring handcrafted from 18-karat gold. Style Name:Lagos Caviar Stack Ring. Style Number: 5004208. Available in stores.
'Caviar' Diamond Ring – $1,895
Perfect for everyday wear, this sumptuously textured sterling-silver ring features sparkling pave diamonds and ceramic Caviar beading. Style Name:Lagos 'Caviar' Diamond Ring. Style Number: 5237740. Available in stores.
Luna Diamond & Pearl Ring – $1,200
Sculptural, versatile and elegant, this finely crafted ring has a sterling-silver band, 18-karat-gold filigree centered with sparkling diamonds and a stunning piece de resistance: one polished freshwater pearl. Style Name:Lagos Luna Diamond & Pearl Ring. Style Number: 5378667. Available in stores.
Covet Stone Caviar Stack Ring – $750
Radiant bezel-set stones add luxe sparkle to a beautifully beaded ring handcrafted from solid 18-karat gold. Style Name:Lagos Covet Stone Caviar Stack Ring. Style Number: 1146081. Available in stores.
Caviar Spark Square Diamond Ring – $1,700
Signature Caviar beading frames a square setting awash with glittering pave diamonds in this sterling-silver ring designed to make a glamorous, modern statement. Style Name:Lagos Caviar Spark Square Diamond Ring. Style Number: 5334191. Available in stores.
'Diamond Luxe' Ring – $1,250
A handcrafted band of Caviar beads points toward the diamond-encrusted centerpiece of a gorgeous sterling-silver ring crossed with ribbons of warm yellow gold. Style Name:Lagos 'Diamond Luxe' Ring. Style Number: 1101827. Available in stores.
'Love Knot' Diamond Ring – $1,500
Elegantly intertwined strands of signature Caviar beading and diamond-studded 18-karat gold form a knot that represents the unbreakable bonds of love atop this ultra-romantic ring. More Caviar beading partially textures the band to create a dazzling look that makes the perfect gift for someone special. Style Name:Lagos 'Love Knot' Diamond Ring. Style Number: 5138891.
'Beloved' Small Heart Ring – $250
A highly polished heart nestles atop a frame of signature Caviar beading in a gleaming sterling-silver ring styled with an elegantly tapered, logo-etched band. This romantic style makes a sure-to-please gift to show someone you love how much you care. Style Name:Lagos 'Beloved' Small Heart Ring. Style Number: 5105092. Available in stores.
Caviar Stacking Ring – $595
Slim, stackable and very versatile-this stunning precious-metal ring features richly textured caviar beading and two finely wrought stations. Style Name:Lagos Caviar Stacking Ring. Style Number: 5067835. Available in stores.
'Love Knot' Ring – $250
Strands of highly polished metal and Caviar beading intertwine to form a knot that symbolizes the unbreakable bonds of love in this elegant sterling-silver ring. Beaded detailing embellishes the split-shank band of this romantic style, which pairs perfectly with other LAGOS designs to make a sure-to-please gift. Style Name:Lagos 'Love Knot' Ring. Style Number: 5105139. Available in stores.
'Cushion' Small Diamond Ring – $695
The perfect choice for a bride-to-be looking for something different or anyone celebrating an important occasion, this intricate sterling-silver ring features a stunning display of radiant diamonds and luminous 18-karat gold metalwork. The square setting nicely contrasts with sinuous caviar beading for an artful study in contrast. Style Name:Lagos 'Cushion' Small Diamond Ring. Style Number: 5082895. Available in stores.
Torsade Large Rounded Rectangle Ring – $750
Gleaming 18-karat-gold Caviar beading highlights the elegantly knotted shape of this smooth and polished sterling-silver ring. The tapered band offers a comfortable fit. Style Name:Lagos Torsade Large Rounded Rectangle Ring. Style Number: 5484912. Available in stores.
'KSL' Pyramid Ring – $395
Channels of LAGOS' 18-karat gold caviar beading lend rich textural dimension to the caged silhouette of a versatile sterling ring. Its handcrafted design comfortably rests against your finger for a lifetime of daily wear. Style Name:Lagos 'Ksl' Pyramid Ring. Style Number: 5004206. Available in stores.
Fluted Stacking Ring – $895
Designed to seamlessly fit into your everyday wardrobe, this slender ring features richly textured 18-karat gold metalwork joined with an arc of smooth sterling silver. Style Name:Lagos Fluted Stacking Ring. Style Number: 5067838. Available in stores.
'Caviar' Diamond Band Ring – $1,200
Sparkling pave diamonds nestle within the 18-karat gold stations of a versatile sterling-silver band that easily stacks and pairs with similar pieces. Style Name:Lagos 'Caviar' Diamond Band Ring. Style Number: 5237743. Available in stores.
Diamond Lux Square Ring – $1,250
Sparkling pave diamonds illuminate the 18-karat-gold geometric setting of an elegant ring richly textured with Caviar beading. Style Name:Lagos Diamond Lux Square Ring. Style Number: 5484916. Available in stores.
Caviar Spark Diamond Marquise Ring – $895
Polished Caviar beading outlines a stunning silver marquise ring set with 30 icy, glimmering diamonds. Style Name:Lagos Caviar Spark Diamond Marquise Ring. Style Number: 5312693. Available in stores.
Caviar Band Ring – $800
Slim, stackable and very versatile-this luxe ring band is handcrafted from solid 18-karat gold with meticulous beaded detail. Style Name:Lagos Caviar Band Ring. Style Number: 1146111. Available in stores.