Lagos Jewelry

701 items found on September 25, 2018

'Caviar Color' Semiprecious Stone Bracelet – $895
Luxuriously textured sterling-silver beading lends artful dimension to a versatile and polished bracelet, elevated with a glistening semiprecious stone framed in 18-karat gold metalwork. Its sinuous design softly rests against your wrist for comfortable, everyday wear that will last a lifetime. Style Name:Lagos 'Caviar Color' Semiprecious Stone Bracelet. Style Number: 5155192. Available in stores.
'Luna' Pearl Rope Bracelet – $375
Crisscrossed stations frame the lone, lustrous pearl starring on a slender bracelet of tactile Caviar beads. Style Name:Lagos 'Luna' Pearl Rope Bracelet. Style Number: 941746_1. Available in stores.
Derby Caviar Connector Link Bracelet – $650
Richly textured Caviar links for an elegant buckle design in this gleaming sterling-silver bracelet that layers beautifully with other LAGOS styles. Style Name:Lagos Derby Caviar Connector Link Bracelet. Style Number: 5334196. Available in stores.
White Caviar Station Bracelet – $830
Two-toned stations made from sterling silver and 18-karat gold add endless versatility to this elegant style textured with signature ceramic Caviar beading. Style Name:Lagos White Caviar Station Bracelet. Style Number: 5338880. Available in stores.
Fluted Station Caviar Rope Bracelet – $395
Five fluted stations add additional texture to a comfortable oval bracelet handcrafted from signature Caviar beads. Style Name:Lagos Fluted Station Caviar Rope Bracelet. Style Number: 548969. Available in stores.
'Caviar Color' Small Semiprecious Stone Ring – $495
A faceted, bezel-set semiprecious stone shimmers in an ultra-modern sterling-silver ring accented with signature Caviar beading and logo details cast in luminous 18-karat gold. Style Name:Lagos 'Caviar Color' Small Semiprecious Stone Ring. Style Number: 5138867. Available in stores.
'Signature Caviar' Ring – $150
Beaded sterling silver textures a tapered ring topped with a smooth, gleaming X. Style Name:Lagos 'signature Caviar' Ring. Style Number: 535338. Available in stores.
'Black & White Caviar' Bracelet – $350
Luminous sterling-silver stations intersperse the luxuriously textured Caviar beading of a versatile and polished bracelet finished with a signature lobster clasp. Style Name:Lagos 'Black & White Caviar' Bracelet. Style Number: 5237735. Available in stores.
'Caviar Icon' Semiprecious Stone Bracelet – $325
A richly textured 18-karat gold bead punctuates a handcrafted stretch bracelet strung with glossy semiprecious beads. Style Name:Lagos 'Caviar Icon' Semiprecious Stone Bracelet. Style Number: 1192813. Available in stores.
Torsade Stud Earrings – $350
Pretty and versatile stud earrings feature signature fluted silver and 18-karat-gold Caviar beads woven into intriguing triangular knots. Style Name:Lagos Torsade Stud Earrings. Style Number: 5484891. Available in stores.
Caviar Forever Melon Bead Station Bracelet – $750
Signature Caviar beading separates stunning sky-blue topaz beads accented with 18-karat gold. Style Name:Lagos Caviar Forever Melon Bead Station Bracelet. Style Number: 5548163. Available in stores.
Caviar Spark Diamond Link Bracelet – $1,000
Slender links studded with 33 glittering pave diamonds center this flexible link bracelet crafted from sterling silver and framed by signature Caviar beading. A secure box clasp detailed with the LAGOS crest finishes this elegant style. Style Name:Lagos Caviar Spark Diamond Link Bracelet. Style Number: 5312686. Available in stores.
'Signature Caviar' Diamond Rope Bracelet – $850
Diamonds highlight the twinned crisscross stations of a radiant, handcrafted bracelet of tactile sterling silver beads. Style Name:Lagos 'signature Caviar' Diamond Rope Bracelet (Online Only). Style Number: 908382_1. Available in stores.
Enso Boxed Circle Station Caviar Rope Bracelet – $350
A dotted circle centers a beautiful oval bracelet meticulously crafted from Caviar-textured sterling-silver beads. Style Name:Lagos Enso Boxed Circle Station Caviar Rope Bracelet. Style Number: 924324. Available in stores.
Bead Stretch Bracelet – $225
A richly textured sterling-silver bead punctuates a handcrafted stretch bracelet strung with glossy semiprecious or precious beads. Style Name:Lagos Bead Stretch Bracelet. Style Number: 493577. Available in stores.
'Derby' Buckle Rope Bracelet – $350
Equestrian-inspired links create a sophisticated focal point in a layer-ready oval bracelet constructed from polished Caviar beads. Style Name:Lagos 'Derby' Buckle Rope Bracelet. Style Number: 593253. Available in stores.
'Love Knot' Link Necklace – $595
An elegant sterling-silver link necklace features four highly polished, Caviar-beaded knots that symbolize the unbreakable bonds of love. This versatile look can be layered and adjusted to various lengths to perfectly complement any look. Style Name:Lagos 'Love Knot' Link Necklace. Style Number: 5105132. Available in stores.
Black Caviar Bracelet – $750
Luxuriously textured black ceramic beading and a luminous station illuminated with pave diamonds create a delightful study in contrast on a slender bracelet that's designed to comfortably rest against your wrist. Style Name:Lagos Black Caviar Bracelet. Style Number: 5225845. Available in stores.
'Luna' Pearl Small Stud Earrings – $250
Finely beaded silver frames luminous pearls for a modern update of a classic accessory. Style Name:Lagos 'Luna' Pearl Small Stud Earrings. Style Number: 552945. Available in stores.
Signature Caviar Triple Drop Earrings – $250
Signature Caviar beading textures elegantly fluted sterling-silver drops finished with dangling spikes for a touch of modern edge. Style Name:Lagos Signature Caviar Triple Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5364081. Available in stores.
Caviar Icon Tassel Pendant Necklace – $795
Textured with signature Caviar beading and a vibrant semiprecious-stone tassel, this statement-making pendant necklace can be worn long or doubled for a layered look. Style Name:Lagos Caviar Icon Tassel Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 5329013. Available in stores.
'Signature Caviar' Bold Fluted Stack Ring – $225
LAGOS's signature caviar-like beading lends luxurious texture to a slender sterling ring that you can easily stack and layer with other bands. Style Name:Lagos 'signature Caviar' Bold Fluted Stack Ring. Style Number: 1008601. Available in stores.
'Soiree' Long Station Necklace – $295
Smooth and Caviar-beaded teardrops scatter the length of a handcrafted silver necklace that's versatile enough wear long, wrapped or layered. Style Name:Lagos 'soiree' Long Station Necklace. Style Number: 968187. Available in stores.
'Signature Caviar' Two-Tone Mini Oval Rope Bracelet – $595
Three crisscrossed stations in 18-karat gold pattern a sterling silver line of tactile Caviar beads in a slender bracelet. Style Name:Lagos 'signature Caviar' Two-Tone Mini Oval Rope Bracelet. Style Number: 352897. Available in stores.
'Luna' Double Strand Pearl Station Necklace – $400
Stations of luminescent pearls and gleaming Caviar beading dot an elegant sterling-silver ball-chain necklace fashioned with two strands for an easy layered look. Style Name:Lagos 'Luna' Double Strand Pearl Station Necklace. Style Number: 5138912. Available in stores.
'Love Knot' Ring – $250
Strands of highly polished metal and Caviar beading intertwine to form a knot that symbolizes the unbreakable bonds of love in this elegant sterling-silver ring. Beaded detailing embellishes the split-shank band of this romantic style, which pairs perfectly with other LAGOS designs to make a sure-to-please gift. Style Name:Lagos 'Love Knot' Ring. Style Number: 5105139. Available in stores.
'Hearts of Texas' Long Pendant Necklace – $225
Charming landmarks detail an etched heart strung on a long beaded chain. The abstracted motif salutes Dallas' Reunion Tower, Beaumont's oil rigs, Austin's State Capitol Dome, San Antonio's the Alamo, El Paso's cowboy boots and Houston's Jan Jacinto Monument. Style Name:Lagos 'Hearts Of Lagos - Texas' Long Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 392713_7. Available in stores.
Beloved Fluted Heart Locket Necklace – $295
A sculptural, fluted heart locket allows you to keep something meaningful hanging securely from your neck in this stunning sterling-silver necklace finished with petite stations of signature Caviar beading. Style Name:Lagos Beloved Fluted Heart Locket Necklace. Style Number: 1193025. Available in stores.
Open Link Bracelet – $450
Textured sterling silver links connect on a gleaming, handcrafted bracelet. Style Name:Lagos Open Link Bracelet. Style Number: 264918. Available in stores.
'Derby' Caviar Rope Bracelet – $450
Equestrian-inspired links create a sophisticated focal point in a tactile bracelet cast in polished Caviar beads. Style Name:Lagos 'Derby' Caviar Rope Bracelet. Style Number: 346974. Available in stores.
'Caviar' Circle Pendant Necklace – $495
Designed to seamlessly fit into your everyday wardrobe, this stunning artisan-crafted necklace is anchored with a circular pendant centered with radiant pave diamonds. A slender ball chain punctuated with luxuriously textured stations frames the versatile piece. Style Name:Lagos 'Caviar' Circle Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 5068672. Available in stores.
'Enso - Circle Game' Diamond Stud Earrings – $1,700
Logo engravings, hand-worked silver and pristine round-cut diamonds lend signature brilliance and elegance to LAGOS stud earrings. Style Name:Lagos 'Enso - Circle Game' Diamond Stud Earrings. Style Number: 973914. Available in stores.
Black Caviar Bracelet – $1,450
Designed to comfortably rest against you wrist, this sinuously shaped bracelet is made with polished black ceramic beads and a circular charm illuminated with sparkling pave diamonds. Style Name:Lagos Black Caviar Bracelet. Style Number: 5225839. Available in stores.
Torsade Rectangle Omega Clip Earrings – $850
Stunning knotted earrings are beautifully textured with signature fluting and polished 18-karat-gold Caviar beads. Style Name:Lagos Torsade Rectangle Omega Clip Earrings. Style Number: 5484887. Available in stores.
Caviar Spark Diamond Bar Necklace – $1,600
Bar chains are all the rage at the moment, and your love for this one will be echoed by the single heart-shaped link in the chain. Style Name:Lagos Caviar Spark Diamond Bar Necklace. Style Number: 5537987. Available in stores.
Beloved Heart Chain Necklace – $750
Here's a finely detailed necklace, made of shining silver and gleaming gold, that may just be all your heart desires. Style Name:Lagos Beloved Heart Chain Necklace. Style Number: 5537996. Available in stores.
Signature Gifts Pave & Gemstone Ball Pendant – $495
Covered in Caviar beading, this spherical pendant also sparkles with colorful gemstone accents, twinkling throughout. Style Name:Lagos Signature Gifts Pave & Gemstone Ball Pendant. Style Number: 5551720. Available in stores.
Caviar Gold Dome Omega Earrings – $3,200
Effervescent elegance is yours in these bubbly domed earring with a comfortable and secure Omega post-clip closure. Style Name:Lagos Caviar Gold Dome Omega Earrings. Style Number: 5618112. Available in stores.
'Black Caviar' Rope Bracelet – $800
Chosen for its luminous jewel-like quality, the signature caviar rope bracelet has been reinvented with black ceramic beading. Sleek precious-metal stations lend a touch of rock 'n' roll sensibility to an effortlessly elegant bracelet, defined by its sinuous design and modern aesthetic that's both versatile and dramatic. Style Name:Lagos 'Black Caviar' Rope Bracelet. Style Number: 5004225. Available in stores.
Black Caviar Bracelet – $500
Crafted with the strength to transcend generations, this slender sterling-silver and ceramic bracelet features stunning caviar-like beading that's as captivating as it is wearable. Style Name:Lagos Black Caviar Bracelet. Style Number: 1008593. Available in stores.