Konstantino Jewelry

194 items found on December 13, 2018

'Penelope' Bee Locket Pendant – $1,200
An intricately wrought 18-karat gold bee that's symbolic of divine femininity decorates the front of a sterling-silver locket detailed with scrolling metalwork and floral filigree. Style Name:Konstantino 'Penelope' Bee Locket Pendant. Style Number: 5222788. Available in stores.
Etched Sterling Silver Doublet Ring – $390
Luminous light dances along the cushion-cut pearly centerpiece of this divinely detailed doublet ring, artisanally made in Athens. Style Name:Konstantino Etched Sterling Silver Doublet Ring. Style Number: 5577824. Available in stores.
Etched Sterling Carnelian Ring – $550
Royally rendered in sterling silver and 18-karat gold, this regal ring will be treasured for generations to come. Style Name:Konstantino Etched Sterling Carnelian Ring. Style Number: 5577807. Available in stores.
'Classics' Diamond Cross Charm – $590
Brilliant round-cut diamonds enhance the beautiful symmetry and symbolism of a Maltese-cross charm designed delicately enough to fit proportionately with either a bracelet or necklace. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics' Diamond Cross Charm. Style Number: 73001. Available in stores.
Hermione Stone Ring – $490
A semiprecious-stone setting filled with incredible color refreshes the age-old beauty of the classical Greek motifs packed into this midsize ring. Style Name:Konstantino Hermione Stone Ring. Style Number: 842530. Available in stores.
'Classics' Link Toggle Bracelet – $330
Ornate etchings pattern the scalloped chain links of an artisanal handcrafted bracelet. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics' Link Toggle Bracelet. Style Number: 993390. Available in stores.
Etched Silver Pearl & Ruby Drop Earrings – $590
Mother-of-pearl glistens beneath 18-karat gold detailing featuring a shining ruby and a gleaming genuine pearl in a pair of delicate drop earrings that showcase artisanal craftwork. Style Name:Konstantino Etched Silver Pearl & Ruby Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5577818. Available in stores.
'Classics' Two-Tone Diamond Ring – $650
Solid-gold scrollwork surrounds the round-cut diamond centerpiece of a comfortably tapered, hand-hammered ring. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics' Two-Tone Diamond Ring. Style Number: 924355. Available in stores.
Hermione Two-Tone Stone Ring – $395
A semiprecious-stone setting filled with incredible color refreshes the age-old beauty of the classical Greek motifs packed into this midsize ring. Style Name:Konstantino Hermione Two-Tone Stone Ring. Style Number: 5623785. Available in stores.
'Penelope' Openwork Ring – $280
Handcrafted in Greece, this dramatic openwork ring is carved with a symbolic fleury cross and finely wrought sterling-silver filigree. Style Name:Konstantino 'Penelope' Openwork Ring. Style Number: 5222791. Available in stores.
Sterling Silver Chain – $285
The perfect foundation piece for your favorite Konstantino pendant, this handcrafted chain features a beautiful herringbone design in sterling silver. Style Name:Konstantino Sterling Silver Chain. Style Number: 5271063. Available in stores.
'Classics' Briolette Chain – $90
An artfully twisted briolette chain is tenderly handcrafted from sterling silver. Pair it with your favorite Konstantino pendant for a complete look. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics' Briolette Chain. Style Number: 1061768. Available in stores.
'Aeolous' Greek Coin Ring – $490
Handcrafted in Greece, this finely wrought sterling-silver ring is topped with a copper setting that displays a statuesque etching. Faceted spinel jewels frame the dramatic piece. Style Name:Konstantino 'Aeolous' Greek Coin Ring. Style Number: 5222779. Available in stores.
'Classics' Cross Pendant Necklace – $225
Scalloped contours and intricate engravings add a touch of Grecian grandeur to this cross pendant. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics' Cross Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 993394. Available in stores.
'Classics' Pearl Ring – $610
A radiant mabe pearl framed in fluted gold tops a highly detailed sterling-silver ring. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics' Pearl Ring. Style Number: 40603. Available in stores.
'Hebe' Petite Cross Pendant – $350
An exquisite cross pendant handcrafted from gleaming sterling silver features intricate scrollwork, precise beading and elegant floral-inspired details rendered in luminous 18-karat gold. Style Name:Konstantino 'Hebe' Petite Cross Pendant. Style Number: 5143007. Available in stores.
Sterling Carnelian Earrings – $750
Golden filigree forms a crest on a pair of striking earrings handmade in Athens. Style Name:Konstantino Sterling Carnelian Earrings. Style Number: 5577791. Available in stores.
Eched Sterling Silver & Gold Drop Earrings – $375
Delicately dazzling, these meticulously handcrafted earrings feature sterling silver, 18-karat gold and gleaming mother-of-pearl. Style Name:Konstantino Eched Sterling Silver & Gold Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5577803. Available in stores.
'Hermione' Diamond Small Huggie Hoop Earrings – $600
Glimmering rows of diamonds flanked by artisanal engravings deeply enrich this small pair of lobe-hugging earrings. Style Name:Konstantino 'Hermione' Diamond Small Huggie Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 842340. Available in stores.
'Diamond Classics' Diamond Cross Two-Tone Ring – $1,495
Contrasting precious metals and glimmering diamond inlays enrich the highly detailed Maltese-cross centerpiece of a comfortably tapered ring. Style Name:Konstantino 'Diamond Classics' Diamond Cross Two-Tone Ring. Style Number: 89805. Available in stores.
'Thalassa' Topaz Ring – $850
Handcrafted in Athens, this finely wrought sterling-silver ring is encircled with sparkling stones and centered with a dazzling London Blue jewel that serves as a powerful metaphor for the infinite sky and the furthest depths of the sea. Style Name:Konstantino 'Thalassa' Topaz Ring. Style Number: 1191437. Available in stores.
'Classics' Linear Earrings – $335
Grecian design influences these hand-etched drop earrings cast in sterling silver. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics' Linear Earrings. Style Number: 993379. Available in stores.
Cassiopeia Doublet Pendant – $670
Inspired by the Cassiopeia constellation in the northern sky, this ornate cross pendant features four spectrolite doublets and intricate filigree of sterling silver and 18-karat gold. Style Name:Konstantino Cassiopeia Doublet Pendant. Style Number: 5264391. Available in stores.
Nemesis Semiprecious Stone Bangle – $350
Graceful and delicate, this slender bangle is ornamented with an artful mix of semiprecious stones and finely wrought 18-karat gold filigree. Style Name:Konstantino Nemesis Semiprecious Stone Bangle. Style Number: 5317477. Available in stores.
Mother of Pearl Sterling Necklace – $225
A handmade necklace delicately links stationed sterling silver beads and rectangular charms fashioned from lustrous mother-of-pearl. Style Name:Konstantino Mother Of Pearl Sterling Necklace. Style Number: 5577801. Available in stores.
Mother of Pearl Charm – $320
Inspired by Byzantine architecture and ancient Greek art, this opulent charm is handcrafted with a luminous mother-of-pearl center surrounded by four pearls set in sterling and 18-karat gold. Style Name:Konstantino Mother Of Pearl Charm. Style Number: 5634263. Available in stores.
Hermione Two-Tone Square Stone Ring – $580
A semiprecious-stone setting filled with incredible color refreshes the age-old beauty of the classical Greek motifs packed into this midsize ring. Style Name:Konstantino Hermione Two-Tone Square Stone Ring. Style Number: 5623788. Available in stores.
Classics Diamond Pattern Band – $260
Modern and luxurious, this sterling-silver band is crafted with a simple silhouette marked with intricate etching and ornate filigree. Style Name:Konstantino Classics Diamond Pattern Band. Style Number: 5400505. Available in stores.
'Hermione' Pearl Coil Ring – $690
This fresh take on the timeless pearl ring is handcrafted from richly sculpted silver and gold. Style Name:Konstantino 'Hermione' Pearl Coil Ring. Style Number: 842492. Available in stores.
'Classics' Two-Tone Hammered Station Necklace – $850
Athenian artistry informs the sculptural intervals of gold-kissed sterling silver around a shiny rolo-chain necklace. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics' Two-Tone Hammered Station Necklace. Style Number: 924359. Available in stores.
'Thalassa' Drop Earrings – $995
Finely wrought 18-karat gold metalwork and polished sterling-silver filigree decorate handcrafted drop earrings centered with richly colored topaz stones. Style Name:Konstantino 'Thalassa' Drop Earrings. Style Number: 1191533. Available in stores.
'Iliada' Doublet Drop Earrings – $875
Inspired by the epic poem The Iliad and the colorful jewelry worn by Helen of Troy, these handcrafted sterling-silver drop earrings feature faceted doublets and finely wrought 18-karat gold flourishes. Style Name:Konstantino 'Iliada' Doublet Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5200216. Available in stores.
'Hebe' Etched Locket Pendant – $1,500
Gleaming 18-karat gold illuminates the intricate, floral-inspired designs that accent a beautifully handcrafted sterling-silver locket pendant. Store a favorite photo or other meaningful keepsake within this timeless piece, which features a romantic phrase etched within. Style Name:Konstantino 'Hebe' Etched Locket Pendant. Style Number: 5143096. Available in stores.
'Aeolus' Lion Head Bracelet – $990
Intricate metalwork details an exquisitely crafted sterling-silver bracelet fashioned with delicate but fierce lion's head stations. A cross composed of darkly glittering spinel adds luxurious dimension to the stunning piece. Style Name:Konstantino 'Aeolus' Lion Head Bracelet. Style Number: 5222786. Available in stores.
'Classics' Long Station Necklace – $700
Scrolling filigree evokes Grecian grandeur while accenting a lengthy sterling-silver necklace. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics' Long Station Necklace. Style Number: 51846. Available in stores.
'Classics' Link Necklace – $145
A slim rolo-chain necklace is handcrafted from high-shine sterling silver. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics' Link Necklace. Style Number: 467450. Available in stores.
'Classics - Daphne' Link Bracelet – $685
Chunky, intricately detailed links make up a silver chain bracelet. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics - Daphne' Link Bracelet. Style Number: 51840. Available in stores.
'Aegean' Drop Earrings – $555
Ethereal turquoise doublets are highly faceted to mimic the dancing reflection of the Mediterranean Sea. The inviting color of the semiprecious stones beautifully offsets the ornately detailed silver in these polished drop earrings. Style Name:Konstantino 'Aegean' Drop Earrings. Style Number: 40601. Available in stores.
'Hermione' Line Bracelet – $895
Grecian artistry inspires the intricate designs along a slinky sterling-silver bracelet accented in twinkling topaz and shiny 18-karat gold. Style Name:Konstantino 'Hermione' Line Bracelet. Style Number: 842142. Available in stores.
'Classics' Two-Tone Cross Pendant – $1,360
Athenian grandeur informs the intricate silver-and-gold pattern throughout a hinged-bale pedant that's easy to add to your favorite Konstantino chain. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics' Two-Tone Cross Pendant. Style Number: 924357. Available in stores.