Konstantino Jewelry

288 items found on March 20, 2018

Asteri Horizontal Ring w/ Pave Black Diamond Marquise Center, Size 8 – $765
Zodiac Pendant – $980
Celebrate the unique position of the sun, moon and the stars that illuminated the heavens at the time of your birth with a finely wrought sterling-silver pendant detailed with sparkling diamonds and luminous 18-karat gold metalwork. Style Name:Konstantino Zodiac Pendant. Style Number: 5222778. Available in stores.
Selene Saddle Ring – $860
Cushion-cut onyx focuses the moody, old-world detail of this meticulously handcrafted statement ring. Style Name:Konstantino Selene Saddle Ring. Style Number: 5400502. Available in stores.
Nemesis Cross Pendant – $990
Lavish details shaped by Athenian artisans surround this heirloom-worthy, standalone pendant. Style Name:Konstantino Nemesis Cross Pendant. Style Number: 5317337. Available in stores.
Artemis Sterling Silver, 18k Gold & Rhodolite Y Necklace – $1,495
Asteri Slim Floral Pave White Diamond Band Ring, Size 7 – $1,080
Erato Labradorite Teardrop Ring, Size 7 – $1,200
Erato Labradorite Doublet Cross Pendant Enhancer – $1,240
Amphitrite Agate & Pearl Cross Pendant Enhancer – $1,505
Asteri Ornate Square Pave Black Diamond Ring, Size 8 – $1,550
'Classics' Pearl Maltese Cross Pendant – $615
Radiant pearls conclude each intricately detailed arm of a balanced Maltese-cross pendant rendered in contrasting precious metals. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics' Pearl Maltese Cross Pendant. Style Number: 993392. Available in stores.
Coin Tassel Drop Earrings – $450
Part of Konstantino's Kerma Collection, these earrings are inset with a golden cameo and finished with sweeping chain tassels for an elegant, neoclassical look. Style Name:Konstantino Coin Tassel Drop Earrings. Style Number: 1171369. Available in stores.
'Aegean' Collar Necklace – $2,620
Ornately detailed silver and ice-blue semiprecious doublets ornament every angle of a radiant collar necklace. Style Name:Konstantino 'Aegean' Collar Necklace. Style Number: 51814. Available in stores.
Statement Ring – $1,250
Lavish details shaped by Athenian artisans surround this heirloom-worthy ring studded in semiprecious stone. Style Name:Konstantino Statement Ring. Style Number: 5317478. Available in stores.
Classics Diamond Pattern Band – $260
Modern and luxurious, this sterling-silver band is crafted with a simple silhouette marked with intricate etching and ornate filigree. Style Name:Konstantino Classics Diamond Pattern Band. Style Number: 5400505. Available in stores.
Santorini Butterfly Collar Necklace – $350
Inspired by the basaltic sands of Santorini, this finely crafted collar necklace is decorated with ornate metallic stations cast in the shape of butterflies. Style Name:Konstantino Santorini Butterfly Collar Necklace. Style Number: 5485802. Available in stores.
Iris Silver & 18k Carved Onyx Rectangle Pendant Enhancer – $1,120
Aura 5-Stone Mother-of-Pearl Drop Earrings – $945
Erato Labradorite Doublet Rounded Cross Pendant Enhancer – $1,165
Asteri Ornate Oval Pave White Diamond Ring, Size 7 – $2,655
Oval London Blue Topaz Clip Earrings – $1,650
Asteri Ornate Round Pave White Diamond Ring, Size 7 – $2,355
Asteri Narrow Horizontal Oval Ring w/ Pave Diamonds, Size 7 – $960
Asteri Floral Pave White Diamond Band Ring, Size 6 – $1,435
Asteri Marquise Ring w/ Pave White Diamonds, Size 7 – $3,030
Amphitrite Sea Blue Agate & Pearl Drop Earrings – $1,355
Asteri Ornate Square Pave White Diamond Ring, Size 7 – $2,865
Asteri Petite Pave Black Diamond Oval Pendant – $1,100
Eros Etched Dome Ring, Size 7 – $700
Thalassa Quartz Kite Chandelier Earrings – $1,415
Erato Teardrop Labradorite Doublet Ring, Size 6 – $1,200
Asteri Pave Black Diamond & Onyx Double-Drop Earrings – $1,705
Silver & 18k Green Amethyst Snake Ring, Size 7 – $1,840
Sterling Silver Station Chain Necklace – $745
Sea Blue Agate-Tip Hinge Bracelet – $1,800
'Classics' Cross Dome Ring – $280
Silver scrollwork surrounds the engraved Maltese-cross centerpiece of a comfortably tapered ring. Style Name:Konstantino 'Classics' Cross Dome Ring. Style Number: 729154. Available in stores.
Cassiopeia Collar Necklace – $2,765
Beautifully faceted spectrolite doublets shimmer with spectacular iridescence on this ornate collar necklace spaced with finely wrought charms of sterling silver and 18-karat gold. The striking piece is inspired by the Cassiopeia constellation in the northern sky and handcrafted by skilled artisans in Greece. Style Name:Konstantino Cassiopeia Collar Necklace. Style Number: 5264390. Available in stores.
Santorini Hematite Hexagon Ring – $490
Inspired by the black basaltic sands of Santorini, this handcrafted ring is crowned with a faceted, hexagon-shaped slab of hematite that glints in the light. Style Name:Konstantino Santorini Hematite Hexagon Ring. Style Number: 5485795. Available in stores.
Etch J-Hoop Earrings – $205
Handcrafted by artisans in Greece, these intricate sterling-silver hoops unfold with intricate metallic filigree. Style Name:Konstantino Etch J-Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5452420. Available in stores.
'Athena' Coin Ring – $550
Every piece I design possesses my essence, my experiences and my passion for Greece. -Konstantino Sioulas. Greek history, architecture and art inform the graceful lines of this intricate, handcrafted ring crowned with a golden cameo portraying the patron goddess of the city of Athens. Style Name:Konstantino 'Athena' Coin Ring. Style Number: 1171574. Available in stores.