Ippolita Jewelry

484 items found on May 26, 2019

'Wonderland - Rainbow Teeny' Teardrop Earrings – $250
Twinkling teardrops in semiprecious stone make a gorgeous pair of earrings. Style Name:Ippolita 'Wonderland - Rainbow Teeny' Teardrop Earrings. Style Number: 284199_3. Available in stores.
Sterling Silver Two-Stone Bangle Bracelet in Smoky Quartz – SALE $90
18k Rock Candy® Medium Teardrop Ring in London Blue Topaz Size 7 – SALE $1,125
Rock Candy® Large Pear-Shaped Earrings with Mixed Stones in Turquoise – SALE $360
'Glamazon' Sterling Silver Bangle – $295
Hammered sterling silver beautifully textures a wide, handcrafted bangle. Style Name:Ippolita 'Glamazon' Sterling Silver Bangle. Style Number: 268621. Available in stores.
Onda Linear Earrings – $250
The softy shaped, contemporary style of these sterling silver earrings will ensure them a spot in your regular jewelry schedule. Style Name:Ippolita Onda Linear Earrings. Style Number: 5795598. Available in stores.
'Stella - Lollipop' Cocktail Ring – $1,095
Sparkling pave diamonds halo a multifaceted ring setting hoisted by a forked, hand-polished silver band. Style Name:Ippolita 'stella - Lollipop' Cocktail Ring. Style Number: 675018. Available in stores.
'Wonderland' Teardrop Earrings – $395
Luminous mother-of-pearl shines under faceted clear quartz to form impressive teardrop earrings. Style Name:Ippolita 'Wonderland' Teardrop Earrings (Online Only). Style Number: 300903. Available in stores.
18k Polished Rock Candy Pear Station Necklace in Black Shell – SALE $1,440
Wonderland Large Round Ring in Ice – SALE $339
Lollipop Teardrop Pendant Necklace in Blue Topaz\/Moonstone – SALE $360
Rock Candy Small Pear Earrings w\/ Turquoise – SALE $270
Rock Candy 18k Mini Lollipop Bangle in Cotton Candy – SALE $2,970
18K Rock Candy Large Suspension Earrings in London Blue Topaz – SALE $900
18K Cherish Diamond Pave Links Bracelet – SALE $900
18K Lollipop Drop Earrings in Amethyst – SALE $765
18K Polished Rock Candy Multi-Slice Linear Earrings – SALE $1,305
Rose 5-Stone Mixed-Cut Bangle in Clear Quartz – SALE $172.80
Senso Open Disc Station Necklace – SALE $216
Wonderland Elongated Snowman Earrings in Primrose – SALE $315
Wonderland Lollipop Earrings in Black Shell Doublet – SALE $198
Wonderland Lollipop Stud Earrings in Peacock – SALE $174
Lollipop® Stella Hematite & Diamond Drop Earrings – SALE $1,170
Wonderland Mini Teardrop Earrings in Black Shell Doublet – SALE $252
Rock Candy Prong & Bezel Cascade Earrings in Harmony – SALE $720
Rose Mini Lollipop Quartz Necklace 37L – SALE $405
Lollipop Diamond Pave Dome Ring Size 7 – SALE $720
18K Rock Candy Large Suspension Earrings in Blue Topaz – SALE $810
18K Gold Rock Candy Tipped Oval Wire Earrings in Green-Gold Citrine – SALE $810
18K Senso Diamond Pave Small Earrings – SALE $1,440
Wonderland Stone Drop Earrings – $695
A luminous mother-of-pearl doublet shines under faceted aquamarine quartz to form impressive drop earrings. Style Name:Ippolita Wonderland Stone Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5801812. Available in stores.
Large Onda Stud Earrings – $195
Face-brightening discs of soft-sculpted silver shine from Italian-crafted earrings. Style Name:Ippolita Large Onda Stud Earrings. Style Number: 5795600. Available in stores.
Wonderland Station Necklace – $1,095
Ice-blue color radiates from the station doublets on this finely crafted necklace. Style Name:Ippolita Wonderland Station Necklace. Style Number: 5801807. Available in stores.
Wonderland Double Drop Earrings – $495
A just-right mix of simple lines and color-rich jewels makes sure these finely crafted silver earrings work wonders for either day or night. Style Name:Ippolita Wonderland Double Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5801809. Available in stores.
Open Oval Cascade Earrings – $350
Silver ovals artfully connect on handcrafted earrings. Style Name:Ippolita Open Oval Cascade Earrings. Style Number: 272704. Available in stores.
'Rock Candy - Mini Lollipop' Pendant Necklace – $595
A glimmering diamond-rimmed bezel houses the round-cut semiprecious stone ornamenting a sterling-silver necklace. Style Name:Ippolita 'Rock Candy - Mini Lollipop' Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 645117. Available in stores.
Ippolia Classico Cherish Snowman Hoop Earrings – $350
Reminiscent of winter fun, these oblong oval earrings, styled in sterling silver, are wearable any season of the year. Style Name:Ippolia Classico Cherish Snowman Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5795599. Available in stores.
Stardust Diamond Open Circle Pendant Necklace – $695
The brilliant sparkle of pave diamonds glint like stardust on this open-circle pendant necklace. Style Name:Ippolita Stardust Diamond Open Circle Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 5690965. Available in stores.
Lollipop Station Bracelet – $495
Lustrous stations of semiprecious stones dot a handcrafted bracelet created from high-polish sterling silver. Style Name:Ippolita Lollipop Station Bracelet. Style Number: 5459868. Available in stores.
Lollipop Lollitini Long Necklace – $2,495
Watery briolettes cascade from the slender chain of this long necklace that beautifully catches and reflects the light. Style Name:Ippolita Lollipop Lollitini Long Necklace. Style Number: 5843935. Available in stores.