Gorjana Jewelry

259 items found on August 20, 2018

Palm Profile Hoop Earrings – SALE $39
A fresh fill for classic hoop earrings, palm fronds complete the frames with exquisite style. Style Name:Gorjana Palm Profile Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5634979. Available in stores.
'Chloe' Mini Strand Necklace – $55
Dainty metallic discs accent the bottom of a slender strand necklace, adding shimmer to a versatile piece designed to delicately rest along the collarbone. Style Name:Gorjana 'Chloe' Mini Strand Necklace. Style Number: 5112144. Available in stores.
'Lola' Coil Ring – $60
Gorgeously textured bands plated in 18-karat gold form an ethereal openwork ring that wraps the finger in striking metallic shine. Style Name:Gorjana 'Lola' Coil Ring. Style Number: 5189986. Available in stores.
G Ring Hoops – $60
These mod, ultraslim hoop earrings are comfortably lightweight and enhanced with a hammered finish for rippling, eye-catching shine. Style Name:Gorjana G Ring Hoops. Style Number: 464929. Available in stores.
Kaia Set of 3 Stretch Bracelets – $95
Proof positive that it's impossible to be too jaded, this set of three stretch bracelets shows off the stone's beautiful variety, all highlighted with gleaming 18-karat gold plate. Style Name:Gorjana Kaia Set Of 3 Stretch Bracelets. Style Number: 5598769. Available in stores.
Brinn Drop Earrings – SALE $42
Gleaming golden bars slice through a pair of sleek stone discs, adding contemporary glam to your day-to-night look. Style Name:Gorjana Brinn Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5672500. Available in stores.
Inspiration Gemstone Bracelet – $58
This adjustable, giftable bracelet makes a personal statement thanks to meaningful apatite stones. Style Name:Gorjana Inspiration Gemstone Bracelet. Style Number: 5549809. Available in stores.
'Mave' Lariat Necklace – $78
Slender bars anchor the slimming Y-profile of a delightfully layerable necklace agleam in precious-metal plate. Style Name:Gorjana 'Mave' Lariat Necklace. Style Number: 800625. Available in stores.
Taner Bar Small Necklace – $60
A lightly hammered surface accentuates the rippling shine of a gently arced pendant warmly plated in precious metal. A slender, layer-ready chain completes the versatile necklace. Style Name:Gorjana Taner Bar Small Necklace. Style Number: 464921. Available in stores.
Taner Extra Large Hoop Earrings – $70
Delicate in nature but dramatic in style, these generously sized hoop earrings are crafted with a slender, hammered silhouette. Style Name:Gorjana Taner Extra Large Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 5299385. Available in stores.
Laguna Large Adjustable Lariat Necklace – $90
Slide the adjustable bead to wear this gleaming style as a lariat, choker or pendant necklace. Faceted beads and a pair of gently hammered dagger pendants complete the versatile piece. Style Name:Gorjana Laguna Large Adjustable Lariat Necklace. Style Number: 5299372. Available in stores.
Taner Mini Stud Earrings – $40
Delicate, miniature-sized bar stud earrings offer bright golden shine to your everyday look. Style Name:Gorjana Taner Mini Stud Earrings. Style Number: 799814. Available in stores.
Protection Stud Earrings – $38
Lustrous black onyx, known for its powerful and protective properties, brings eye-catching charm to these elegant, everyday studs. Style Name:Gorjana Protection Stud Earrings. Style Number: 5549814. Available in stores.
Wilshire Multi Loop Drop Earrings – SALE $45
Kinetic sculptures of connected loops mesmerizingly sway on these drop earrings with a slightly different aesthetic. Style Name:Gorjana Wilshire Multi Loop Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5605571. Available in stores.
Wilshire Earrings – SALE $42
Interlocking hoops add artful form and mesmerizing movement to these high-shine statement earrings. Style Name:Gorjana Wilshire Earrings. Style Number: 5605575. Available in stores.
Palm Double Pendant Adjustable Necklace – SALE $48
Boast chic, vacation-ready vibes in this gleaming palm necklace that adjusts to wear longer or shorter (whatever your mood dictates). Style Name:Gorjana Palm Double Pendant Adjustable Necklace. Style Number: 5635192. Available in stores.
Makena Duster Drop Earrings – $65
Kick that dust off your shoulders in these dramatic linear drops designed with smooth, variegated orbs for contemporary appeal. Style Name:Gorjana Makena Duster Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5634981. Available in stores.
Palm Drop Earrings – $65
Boasting chic, vacation-ready vibes, these gleaming palm earrings let you kick back in style. Style Name:Gorjana Palm Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5634976. Available in stores.
Makena Adjustable Lariat Necklace – SALE $42
Lively orbs brighten this adjustable strand designed in a timeless Y-shaped silhouette. Style Name:Gorjana Makena Adjustable Lariat Necklace. Style Number: 5635081. Available in stores.
Kellen Pendant Necklace – $75
A marquise-shaped sliver of softly hammered metal shimmers at the apex of this delicate layering necklace. Style Name:Gorjana Kellen Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 5598771. Available in stores.
Kellen Linked Drop Earrings – $60
Softly undulating hoops gracefully interlock, adding swingy, sculptural movement to these delicate drop earrings. Style Name:Gorjana Kellen Linked Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5598774. Available in stores.
Palm Pendant Adjustable Necklace – SALE $48
Boast sleek, vacation-ready vibes in this gleaming strand designed with a breezy palm pendant. Style Name:Gorjana Palm Pendant Adjustable Necklace. Style Number: 5635028. Available in stores.
Jagger Cutout Circle Stud Earrings – $35
Flattened circular stud earrings with a polished finish exude minimalist sophistication. Style Name:Gorjana Jagger Cutout Circle Stud Earrings. Style Number: 5655172. Available in stores.
Self Expression Bracelet – $38
This adjustable, giftable bracelet makes a personal statement thanks to meaningful agate stones. Style Name:Gorjana Self Expression Bracelet. Style Number: 5549801. Available in stores.
Brinn Short Adjustable Necklace – SALE $30
A sleek golden bar extends down the middle of a stunning stone pendant on this irresistibly chic strand. Style Name:Gorjana Brinn Short Adjustable Necklace. Style Number: 5672518. Available in stores.
Palm Ear Crawler Earrings – SALE $30
Palm leaves upon your lobes; can island breezes be far behind? Only one way to find out, with these delicate and gleaming earrings. Style Name:Gorjana Palm Ear Crawler Earrings. Style Number: 5634980. Available in stores.
Charm Choker Necklace – $55
Miniature charms shine with gilded texture at the front of this easy-to-layer necklace. Style Name:Gorjana Charm Choker Necklace. Style Number: 5279969. Available in stores.
Havana Tassel Earrings – $55
Swingy, tiered tassels bring trend-right movement to these bohemian-inspired earrings, topped with gleaming studs. Style Name:Gorjana Havana Tassel Earrings. Style Number: 5605564. Available in stores.
Sayulita Quartet Hoop Drop Earrings – SALE $45
Columns of glass-beaded rings elegantly effervesce on these statement earrings that can hold their own in a competition with Champagne. Style Name:Gorjana Sayulita Quartet Hoop Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5605573. Available in stores.
Wilshire Multi Loop Pendant Necklace – SALE $48
A kinetic sculpture of connected loops forms the pendant on this statement necklace with a slightly different aesthetic. Style Name:Gorjana Wilshire Multi Loop Pendant Necklace. Style Number: 5605567. Available in stores.
Kellen Slide Necklace – $90
A slender bead slides up and down, cleverly adjusting the fit of this elegantly draped necklace strung with high-shine baubles. Style Name:Gorjana Kellen Slide Necklace. Style Number: 5598778. Available in stores.
'Kylie' Fan Necklace – $85
Hammered gold-plated bar charms fan out from the end of a delicate chain, adding shimmering movement to this boho-chic necklace. Style Name:Gorjana 'Kylie' Fan Necklace. Style Number: 5144220. Available in stores.
Lola Wrist Cuff – $125
Gorgeously textured attenuated lines form the graceful silhouette of an openwork wrist cuff plated in luminous 18-karat gold. Style Name:Gorjana Lola Wrist Cuff. Style Number: 5189952. Available in stores.
'Lola' Drop Earrings – $65
Slender lines of gently hammered metal form the artfully irregular teardrop silhouette of glamorous drop earrings plated in 18-karat gold. Style Name:Gorjana 'Lola' Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5196045. Available in stores.
'G Ring' Rings – $45
This set of gleaming, delicately hammered rings can be stacked together for a rich, layered look or worn individually as a delicate accessory. Style Name:Gorjana 'G Ring' Rings (Set Of 3). Style Number: 712996. Available in stores.
Nora Stud Earrings – $35
Delicate shards of hammered metal add a bit of feminine edge to your everyday look. Style Name:Gorjana Nora Stud Earrings. Style Number: 5299381. Available in stores.
Nora Drop Earrings – $60
Hammered marquis charms decorate these delicate, slightly edgy drop earrings. Style Name:Gorjana Nora Drop Earrings. Style Number: 5299377. Available in stores.
Chloe Mini Stud Earrings – $32
Warm 18k-gold plating offers exceptional versatility to a pair of miniature-sized stud earrings forged with subtle texture. Style Name:Gorjana Chloe Mini Stud Earrings. Style Number: 840429. Available in stores.
'Taner' Mini Hoop Earrings – $45
Delicate, miniature-sized hoop earrings offer bright golden shine to your everyday look. Style Name:Gorjana 'Taner' Mini Hoop Earrings. Style Number: 800029. Available in stores.
Chloe Mini Choker – $55
Slender and sophisticated, this shimmering choker is crafted from polished precious metal and punctuated with a mix of bezels and charms. Style Name:Gorjana Chloe Mini Choker. Style Number: 5293340. Available in stores.