Gorjana Bracelets

25 items found on February 24, 2019

Laguna Large Adjustable Bracelet – $60
Taner Beaded Stretch Bracelet – $70
Quinn Delicate Bangle Bracelets – $90
Gold-Tone Stone Beaded Bracelet – $38
Laguna Adjustable Bracelet – $50
Power Gem Statement Bracelet – $78
Garnet Energy Bracelet – $38
Rose Gold-Tone Beaded Bracelet – $38
Power Stone Station Bracelet – $48
Silver-Tone Stone Beaded Bracelet – $38
Gypset Beaded Stretch Bracelets – $110
Elea Cuff – $135
Lola Crisscross Wire Cuff – $125
Josey Multi Layer Bar Cuff Bracelet – $110
Rowan Multi-Size Link Toggle Bracelet – SALE $45.50
Silver-Tone Large-Bead Bracelet – SALE $40.60
Good Vibes Bracelet – SALE $38.50
Amara Slider Bracelet – $65
Clustered sparkle makes this slender bracelet a simple but elegant addition to your everyday wear. Style Name:Gorjana Amara Slider Bracelet. Style Number: 5730785. Available in stores.
Laguna Bracelet – $50
Soft-focus facets glimmer around the metallic beads of this slinky, highly adjustable bracelet. Style Name:Gorjana Laguna Bracelet. Style Number: 5413523. Available in stores.
Laguna Adjustable Bracelet – $60
Strung on a slender chain, a row of faceted metallic beads glint and shine at the top of your wrist. Style Name:Gorjana Laguna Adjustable Bracelet. Style Number: 5413517. Available in stores.
Lola Wrist Cuff – $125
Gorgeously textured attenuated lines form the graceful silhouette of an openwork wrist cuff plated in luminous 18-karat gold. Style Name:Gorjana Lola Wrist Cuff. Style Number: 5189952. Available in stores.
Taner 5-Bar Cuff – $90
This shiny, hammered cuff boasts a layered openwork design for perfect the wear-alone or stackable style. Style Name:Gorjana Taner 5-Bar Cuff. Style Number: 5549817. Available in stores.
'Elea' Cuff – $125
A shiny, hammered finish enriches the fluid crisscross design of this lean and lightweight cuff bathed in 18-karat gold. Style Name:Gorjana 'Elea' Cuff. Style Number: 464912. Available in stores.
Self Expression Bracelet – $38
This adjustable, giftable bracelet makes a personal statement thanks to meaningful agate stones. Style Name:Gorjana Self Expression Bracelet. Style Number: 5549801_1. Available in stores.
Power Gemstone Beaded Bracelet – $38
This adjustable, giftable bracelet makes a personal statement thanks to meaningful semiprecious stones.Power Gemstones:Amethyst for Tranquility-healing, calming stone that soothes the mind, relieves anxiety and repels negativity.Aventurine for Luck-gambler's talisman associated with prosperity.Black Onyx for Protection-powerful and protective stone acts as a shield against negativity.Crystal Quartz for Clarity-has powerful healing vibrations that boost concentration and provide clarity of mind.Garnet for Energy-boosts, revitalizes and balances energy.Howlite for Calming-calms a troubled or overactive mind and helps develop patience and a positive outlook.Iolite for Focus-illumines innate creativity, encouraging focus in order to achieve goals.Labradorite for Balance-balances energy through life's ups and downs.Lapis for Wisdom-awakens wisdom and good judgement.Orange Agate for Confidence-warm, protective stone that encourages security, self-confidence and the speaking of one's own truth.Pink Coral for Harmony-restores harmony to the heart and happiness to the home.Pink Jade for Dream-relaxes the mind for a deep, dreamy sleep.Pyrite for Strength-protects against negative energy and gives strength, power and leadership.Rose Quartz for Love-sensitive, uplifting stone that purifies the heart and is used to bring happy harmony and unconditional love.Smoky Quartz for Grounding-centering stone that lifts moods, relieves stress and alleviates fear.Snowflake Obsidian for Courage-helps restore courage and perseverance.Turquoise for Healing-master healing stone that brings the sky's healing energies to earth. Style Name:Gorjana Power Gemstone Beaded Bracelet. Style Number: 5072678. Available in stores.