Echo Scarves & Wraps

53 items found on December 10, 2018

'Radiance' Eyelash Fringe Wrap – $39
A supersoft wrap is light, airy and ready for layering. Style Name:Echo 'Radiance' Eyelash Fringe Wrap. Style Number: 1023475. Available in stores.
Fringe Trim Cape – $49
An ultrasoft, fringe-trimmed wrap makes for a versatile addition to your casual or travel style. Style Name:Echo Fringe Trim Cape. Style Number: 848946. Available in stores.
Colorblock Faux Fur Stole – $69
Mod color blocking lends contemporary attitude to a richly dyed stole made luxe in plush faux fur. Style Name:Echo Colorblock Faux Fur Stole. Style Number: 5618724. Available in stores.
Pinstripe Silk Scarf – $55
Rainbow stripes provide a fun pop of electric color to this lustrous silk scarf. Style Name:Echo Pinstripe Silk Scarf. Style Number: 5738268. Available in stores.
Mumbai Floral Silk Diamond Scarf – $39
With a modern diamond shape and vibrant floral motif, this must-have silk scarf will add a touch of color to your neck, wrist or handbag. Style Name:Echo Mumbai Floral Silk Diamond Scarf. Style Number: 5738269. Available in stores.
Fringe Frenzy Scarf – $39
Exaggerated fringe trims the curved edge of a satin scarf. Style Name:Echo Fringe Frenzy Scarf. Style Number: 5738270. Available in stores.
Lotus Floral Jacquard Fringed Scarf – SALE $41.30
This oversized scarf in a simple cotton weave adds a vintage statement to your casual look. Style Name:Echo Lotus Floral Jacquard Fringed Scarf. Style Number: 5691890_1. Available in stores.
Cascading Floral Double Faced Scarf – SALE $104.25
A solid-color rayon side and a floral-print silk side make this scarf a luxurious and lovely addition to your ensemble. Style Name:Echo Cascading Floral Double Faced Scarf. Style Number: 5687413_1. Available in stores.
Stripe Faux Fur Stole – $69
Vibrant stripes lends contemporary attitude to a richly dyed stole made luxe in plush faux fur. Style Name:Echo Stripe Faux Fur Stole. Style Number: 5618723. Available in stores.
Faux Fur-Trim Hooded Scarf – $69
Color-Block Faux Fur Scarf – $59
Metallic Tweed Ruana – $79
Cabana Tassel Wrap – SALE $24.15
Metallic Tweed Ruana – $79
Bengal Tiger Wrap – $79
Seasonless Scarf – $58
Muffler Scarf - 100% Exclusive – $59
Metallic Chenille Muffler Scarf – SALE $36.75
Silk Chiffon Scarf – $98
Floral Print Long Ruana – $149
Bouclé Ruana – $59
Patchwork Print Silk Scarf – $139
Mumbai Floral Print Silk Scarf – $39
Giving Me Butterflies Silk Oblong Scarf – $42
Ornate Paisley Print Silk Scarf – $39
All The Stripes Wrap – $59
Faux Fur Stole – $79
Paisley Print Silk Scarf – $52
Striped Patchwork-Print Silk Scarf - 100% Exclusive – $95
Oversized Scarf – $79
Hammered Wrap Scarf – $98
Dahlia Floral Print Wrap – $59
Fuzzy Stripe Wrap – $59
Silk Chiffon & Satin Wrap – $149
Sheer Wrap – $49
Pleated Wrap Scarf – $48
Roar Fringe Wrap – $79
Rajasthan Paisley Print Silk Scarf – $139
Rajasthan Paisley Print Oblong Silk Scarf – $55
Double-Face Paisley Scarf – $149