Dana Buchman Jewelry

289 items found on April 23, 2017

Love Knot Stud Earrings – SALE $8.40
Beautify any ensemble when you wear these charming love knot earrings from Dana Buchman. EARRING DETAILS
Beaded Cluster Nickel Free Clip On Earrings – SALE $13.20
Decorated with a colorful cluster of beads, these Dana Buchman clip-on drop earrings deliver an exciting fashion statement. EARRING DETAILS
Purple Tassel Interlocked Nickel Free Hoop Earrings – SALE $10.80
Adorned with a lavish tied tassel detail, these Dana Buchman interlocked earrings lend luxurious detail to any ensemble. EARRING DETAILS
Curved Bar Threader Earrings – SALE $8.40
Showcase your bold sense of style when you add these Dana Buchman threader earrings to your look. EARRING DETAILS
Geometric Necklace – SALE $19.20
Update your look with the feminine charm of this Dana Buchman geometric necklace. NECKLACE DETAILS
Beaded Wavy Link Stretch Bracelet – SALE $18
Put your look in motion with the fashion-forward design of this Dana Buchman stretch bracelet. Overlapping wavy links with beaded and polished surfaces offer an elegant accent. BRACELET DETAILS
Drop Earrings – SALE $10.80
Add a lovely sparkling touch to your wardrobe with these striking drop earrings from Dana Buchman. EARRING DETAILS
Long Beaded & Knotted Tassel Necklace – SALE $26.40
With a beaded and tasseled design, this Dana Buchman necklace offers a fun and fashionable choice. NECKLACE DETAILS
Beaded Clip On Hoop Earrings – SALE $9.60
Featuring beaded and polished surfaces, these Dana Buchman clip-on hoop earrings offer an exquisite contemporary accent. EARRING DETAILS
Openwork Flower Pendant Necklace – SALE $18
Add a glamorous touch to your look with this Dana Buchman flower pendant necklace, featuring open-worked metallic petals. PENDANT DETAILS
White Fireball Nickel Free Teardrop Earrings – SALE $10.80
Add a fiery touch with these spectacular Dana Buchman teardrop earrings, adorned with a glistening fireball design element above a white teardrop stone. EARRING DETAILS
Cubic Zirconia Double Drop Earrings – SALE $10.80
Dangling cubic zirconia stones give these Dana Buchman earrings scintillating style. EARRING DETAILS
Poppy Stretch Bracelet – SALE $18
Magnificent black and white floral links adorn this must-have Dana Buchman stretch bracelet. BRACELET DETAILS
Hammered Teardrop Clip On Earrings – SALE $12
These clip-on earrings put a fashionable twist on timeless style. EARRING DETAILS
Curved Nickel Free Threader Earrings – SALE $9.60
With a modern minimalist design, these Dana Buchman threader earrings offer a sleek contemporary accent. EARRING DETAILS
Flower Teardrop Nickel Free Clip On Earrings – SALE $10.80
Update any look with these sensational Dana Buchman clip-on earrings, featuring teardrop-shaped stones. EARRING DETAILS
Simulated Turquoise Starfish Cuff Bracelet – SALE $16.80
Complete your coastal look with this Dana Buchman cuff bracelet, featuring a starfish design adorned with simulated turquoise cabochon stones. BRACELET DETAILS
Pink Rope Flower Statement Necklace – SALE $19.20
Featuring floral details outlined with textured rope-like petals, this Dana Buchman statement necklace showcases your outstanding fashion sense. NECKLACE DETAILS
Black Flower Necklace – SALE $19.20
Let your style flourish with this Napier floral necklace, decorated with stunning black and iridescent stones. NECKLACE DETAILS
Crisscross Stretch Bracelet – SALE $18
Complete any ensemble with the stunning beauty of this Dana Buchman crisscross stretch bracelet. BRACELET DETAILS
Triple Poppy Clip On Earrings – SALE $10.80
You'll adore the feminine beauty of these poppy clip-on earrings. EARRING DETAILS
Pink Beaded Chunky Necklace – SALE $28.80
Make a striking statement with this Dana Buchman necklace, decorated with vibrant and intricate beadwork. NECKLACE DETAILS
Purple Butterfly Front Back Earrings – SALE $9.60
Featuring a sparkling butterfly motif, these Dana Buchman front-back earrings are unbelievably charming. EARRING DETAILS
Cubic Zirconia Oval Halo Nickel Free Stud Earrings – SALE $9.60
Featuring stunning cubic zirconia stones, these Dana Buchman oval halo stud earrings deliver spectacular shimmer and shine. EARRING DETAILS
Concave Hoop Earrings – SALE $7.20
Stylishly rounded inward, these Dana Buchman hoop earrings are a classic choice. EARRING DETAILS
Chain Oval Hoop Earrings – SALE $10.80
Embellished with chain details, these oval hoop earrings make a distinctive duo. EARRING DETAILS
Bamboo Hoop Earrings – SALE $8.40
Simple and stylish, these Dana Buchman bamboo-inspired hoop earrings go with any ensemble. EARRING DETAILS
Double Strand Circle Pendant Necklace – SALE $14.40
An intertwined mesh and polished circle pendant gives this Dana Buchman necklace timeless elegance. PENDANT DETAILS
Layered Nickel Free Hoop Earrings – SALE $13.20
Add a subtle, luxurious touch to your style with these Dana Buchman hoop earrings. EARRING DETAILS
Aqua Marquise Multi Strand Necklace – SALE $21.60
Featuring an eye-catching design, this Dana Buchman multistrand necklace makes fabulous first impressions a reality. NECKLACE DETAILS
Pink Flower Drop Earrings – SALE $10.80
Let your style flourish with these exquisite Dana Buchman pink flower drop earrings. EARRING DETAILS
Textured Hoop Earrings – SALE $7.20
Simply stylish. These Dana Buchman hoop earrings feature textured details. Earring Details:
Textured Oval Drop Earrings – SALE $8.40
Adorn yourself with stunning style when you wear these textured oval drop earrings from Dana Buchman. Earring Details:
Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings – SALE $10.80
Light up your ensemble with the dangling cubic zirconia stones on these Dana Buchman hoop earrings. EARRING DETAILS
Two Tone Hammered Disc Stretch Bracelet – SALE $14.40
Exceptional beauty. Jet and silver-tone hammered discs decorate this stretch bracelet for extraordinary style. Bracelet Details:
Silver Tone Hammered Circle Drop Earrings – SALE $10.80
Go for a modern look with these hammered circle drop earrings. Earring Details:
Long Circle Link Station Necklace – SALE $22.80
Circular elements give this Dana Buchman necklace a wonderful luster. NECKLACE DETAILS
Cubic Zirconia Round Stud Earrings – SALE $8.40
Enhance any look with the scintillating style of these cubic zirconia stud earrings from Dana Buchman. EARRING DETAILS
Double Drop Earrings – SALE $10.80
Dana Buchman defines classic style with these lovely drop earrings. EARRING DETAILS
Silver Tone Woven Hoop Earrings – SALE $13.20
Wear these chic woven hoop earrings with a new scarf for eye-catching appeal. Earring Details: