Betsey Johnson Watches

8 items found on May 22, 2018

Women's Blush Epoxy and Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch 41mm BJ00459-04 – $135
A structured and commanding watch with touches of ladylike color, by Betsey Johnson.
Women's Owl Gold-Tone Bracelet Watch 20mm – $95
It's always wise to be on time, which you can do easily with this stylish owl watch by Betsey Johnson sporting a cool gold-tone bracelet.
Women's Silver-Tone Bracelet Watch 42mm BJ00306-01 – $95
Update your watch collection with this thoroughly modern design from Betsey Johnson.
Women's Blush and Rose Gold-Tone Bracelet Watch 40mm BJ00246-10 – $125
A wise choice when you went to look positively cute. An owl motif watch from Betsey Johnson.
Watch, Women's Leopard-Print Leather Strap 32mm BJ00251-01 – $85
Show off your fierce factor with this exotic watch from Betsey Johnson.
Women's Bow Gold-Tone Pink Leather Strap Watch 36x45mm – $115
Keep perfect time while looking fine with this pretty bow-motif pink leather watch by Betsey Johnson, sporting whimsical numerals on its square-shaped dial.
Women's Parrot Gold-Tone Floral Leather Strap Watch 44mm – $125
Mimic fantastic fashion with this parrot-themed floral leather strap watch, fabulously created by Betsey Johnson.
Watch, Women's Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet 32mm BJ00235-02 – $95
Make time for romantic design with this lovely Betsey Johnson watch.