Alfani Earrings

29 items found on February 24, 2019

Gold-Tone Imitation Pearl Hoop Earrings – SALE $22.12
Imitation pearls are backed by a gleaming gold-tone border in these effortlessly elegant hoop earrings from Alfani.
Gold-Tone Imitation Pearl Double-Hoop Linear Drop Earrings – SALE $10.26
Imitation pearls glimmer from the double-hoop design of these chic linear drop earrings by Alfani. (Clearance)
Crystal Drop Earrings – SALE $18.37
Shine brightly in the day-to-night perfection of these bezel-set crystal drop earrings from Alfani.
Gold-Tone 2-Pc. Set Pave Bar Stud Earrings – SALE $22.12
Choose between smooth or sparkly with this two-piece set of bar-shaped earrings by Alfani.
Tri-Tone Linked Hoop Triple Drop Earrings – SALE $18.37
A triple drop of linked hoops create these subtly chic earrings by Alfani.
Silver-Tone 2-Pc. Set Pave Stud Earrings – SALE $22.12
Pick between classic and crystal-covered to accent your look with this two-piece set of stud earrings by Alfani.
Crystal Stud Earrings – SALE $14.62
Classically shine with these stunning crystals of these wonderfully styled Alfani stud earrings.
Gold-Tone Hoop & Imitation Pearl Linear Drop Earrings – SALE $22.12
Choose edgy elegance with the unique style of these linear drop earrings by Alfani, sporting a hoop and suspended imitation pearl design.
Silver-Tone 3-Pc. Set Crystal Bezel Stud Earrings – SALE $22.12
Alfani gets you sparkling in small, medium and large with this set of modern bezel-set crystal stud earrings.
Silver-Tone Open Hoop Earrings – SALE $18.37
Defined edges give these open hoop earrings by Alfani a chic appeal that will enhance any outfit.
Silver-Tone Large Open Hoop Earrings – SALE $22.12
Add a smooth and chic element to your style with these large open hoop earrings, fashionably designed by Alfani.
Crystal Accented Hoop Earrings – SALE $22.12
Be the girl that sparkles with the unexpected shine of these crystal enhanced hoop earrings from Alfani.
Two-Tone 2-Pc. Set Hoop Earrings – SALE $22.12
Choose your hue with this fashionable two-piece set of hoop earrings designed by Alfani.
Two-Tone Beaded Open Hoop Earrings – SALE $18.37
A trio of beads lend an interesting look to these otherwise classic open hoop earrings by Alfani.
Tri-Tone 3-Pc. Set Polished Oval Stud Earrings – SALE $22.12
Mix and match metallics with this essential tri-tone set of stud earrings from Alfani.
Silver-Tone Crystal & Hoop Stud Earrings – SALE $18.37
A classy crystal and hoop design gives these Alfani stud earrings an upscale effect on your overall look.
Silver-Tone Bubble Hoop Earrings – SALE $18.37
Reflections of fabulousness. These awesome hoop earrings have a polished reflective loop in a bubble-style design.
Silver-Tone Polished Hoop Earrings – SALE $22.12
Monday office elegance or Friday night casual, you will look great in these polished hoop earrings from Alfani.
Silver-Tone Hoop Stud Earrings – SALE $18.37
Get a unique look with these cool hoop stud earrings, crafted by Alfani in a contemporary style.
Bar & Imitation Pearl Drop Earrings – SALE $22.12
An elegant imitation pearl shimmers beneath a gleaming bar on these gorgeous Alfani drop earrings.
Open Hoop Earrings – SALE $8.76
A classic style to complete any look, these open hoop earrings by Alfani gleam with a polished flair.
Silver-Tone Linear Metal Drop Earrings – SALE $10.26
An original design is accented with metal balls on these luminous Alfani earrings. (Clearance)
Two-Tone Pave Double-Hoop Earrings – SALE $10.26
An unusual double-hoop design lends a modish aspect to these marvelous Alfani earrings. (Clearance)
Geometric Stone Chandelier Earrings – SALE $11.76
Bold and fearless, rock your look with these fabulous geometric stone chandelier earrings from Alfani. (Clearance)
Gold-Tone Pave Open Hoop Earrings – SALE $8.76
Exquisitely lined with sparkling pave crystals, these Alfani open hoop earrings lend an effervescent elegance to your look. (Clearance)
Silver-Tone Pave Multi-Hoop Triple Drop Earrings – SALE $11.76
Secured with pave-encrusted beads, collections of hoops are suspended in a triple drop on these super chic earrings by Alfani. (Clearance)
Gold-Tone Pave Multi-Hoop Drop Earrings – SALE $11.76
A glittering pave-lined loop gathers the multiple hoops of these contemporary drop earrings created by Alfani. (Clearance)
Extra Large Silver-Tone Crystal Oval Hoop Earrings, 2.4" – SALE $8.76
A sparkling crystal is set atop a cool oval hoop on these contemporary earrings by Alfani. (Clearance)
Silver-Tone Pave Bead Linear Drop Earrings – SALE $10.26
Polished beads ascend in size culminating in a pave-embellished tip on these stunning linear drop earrings by Alfani. (Clearance)