Alex and Ani Earrings

5 items found on October 18, 2018

Harry Potter(TM) Glasses & Bolt Stud Earrings – $48
Showcase your love for "the boy who lived" with precious-metal stud earrings in the shape of his iconic glasses and lightning-bolt scar. Style Name:Alex And Ani Harry Potter Glasses & Bolt Stud Earrings. Style Number: 5482538. Available in stores.
Harry Potter(TM) Deathly Hallows(TM) Earrings – $48
Encourage your friend's Harry Potter obsession with these delicate earrings designed in the shape of the Deathly Hallows. Style Name:Alex And Ani Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Earrings. Style Number: 5482529. Available in stores.
Lotus Peace Petals Stud Earrings – $48
Path of Life Stud Earrings – $48
Heart Stud Earrings – $48